Goo Spitters & Snarling Beasts For The Veer-Myn Of Deadzone

March 28, 2015 by brennon

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The Veer-Myn of Deadzone: Infestation will be getting some reinforcements soon from Mantic Games with the coming of the Progenitor and Night Terror to make things very dangerous for the Enforcers...

Veer-myn Progenitor

First up is the Progenitor you can see above who cam come with some armour melting chem-ball throwers or something a bit more long range in the form of the Spitter Rifle. These weapons make the Progenitor a dangerous individual and elevates them to sub-leaders in the Veer-Myn faction.

Veer-myn Night-Terror

Something we know very little about at the moment however is the Night Terror pictured above which looks like it comes armed and armoured for combat but with the ability to also host some kind of cannon on its back.

I think I'd keep this as some massive combat beast to tear apart Enforcers even inside their armour.

What do you think?

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