Great Western Trail Heads North With Upcoming Expansion

February 7, 2018 by brennon

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Great Western Trail is one of those weighty board games that looks more complicated than it actually is and the new expansion offers up a whole new avenue to victory. Rails To The North is on the way in the near future...

Great Western Trail - Rails To The North

Great Western Trail puts you in the boots of cowherders heading out to make a name for themselves in the Wild West. In this expansion, you get an entirely new rail network to plan out as well as all manner of additional tiles which open up building options, trading opportunities and more.

"With this expansion, players deliver their herds to the northeast United States with stops in Chicago, Detroit, and New York City, amongst other cities, in an effort to become the most successful cow rancher this side of the Mississippi. Be advised that business is much more difficult on this rail, so players will want to take advantage of friendly hospitality by establishing branchlets and helping form towns.

In addition to the new railway system, players will also discover new station master tiles, private buildings, and an expanded player board to offer more strategic depth in their decision making."

Cow herding doesn't sound like the most exciting of endeavours in real-life, but it does provide you with a very cool idea for a board game as you have to weigh up your options and time your movements on the board in order to make the most money from your trips.

Great Western Trail - Gameplay

As well as choice-based movement as you select where you're going to stop each turn, you'll also be playing a deck-building AND a tile laying game at the same time. You'll want to make the best hand/herd of cows possible as you journey across America and then make sure you spend your dollars wisely when it comes to building stores and more that will benefit you and hinder your opponents.

Give this one a look if you're in the mood for a good chunky Euro game.

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"Great Western Trail puts you in the boots of cowherders heading out to make a name for themselves in the Wild West..."

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