Manage A Healthy Ecosystem For The Wildlife Of North America

June 28, 2022 by fcostin

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Last summer, Rose Gauntlet Entertainment were up on Kickstarter with their nature-themed card-drafting game, Keystone: North America. Taking the role of biologists, players were tasked to create an ecosystem in harmony across the flora and fauna.

The premise was delightful, especially if you are an enthusiast of the nature and world we live in, like me. I was delighted to see that Keystone: North America will be heading to retail! So if you like a puzzling experience and enjoy learning along the way about the animals and plants we share our world with, you may want to check this title out!

Keystone North America - Rose Gauntlet Entertainment1

Keystone: North America // Rose Gauntlet Entertainment

Scoping the rich and wide balance of nature that resides in North America, 1-4 players have been put up to the test to continue their research to build a happy and healthy ecosystem by carefully placing cards. Building an interconnected ecosystem, players will be introducing and engaging with grizzly bears, desert tortoises and many a creature to find the perfect habitat that encourages balance in nature.

Secret Objectives - Keystone North America

Secret Objectives // Keystone: North America

Chaining these cards will rack in victory points, whilst being provided hidden objectives to collect samples of the animals in provided patterns. With locations to visit hot and hold, players will use their skills as a biologist to hone in more victory points, allowing perks by profession to further expand the ecosystem.

Keystone Species - Keystone North America

Keystone Species // Keystone North America

What I found wonderful about Keystone: North America when it first appeared on Kickstarter, was that there was no singular way of playing. Whether you want to compete head-to-head with fellow biologists, team up for a narrative excursion in campaign mode or simply go at the research alone with a solo option. There are many ways to play and lots to learn about each wild critter in North America.

Gameplay Preview - Keystone North America

Gameplay Preview // Keystone: North America

If you did want to pre-order, Rose Gauntlet have opened up their website to allow anybody pre-ordering to receive everything from their successful Kickstarter campaign. Including some extra species to add to your ecosystem, like the North American River Otter and the Wolverine.

What is your favourite wildlife-themed game?

" 1-4 players have been put up to the test to continue their research to build a happy and healthy ecosystem by carefully placing cards..."

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