Become A Hero Amongst The Bitter Ice In FLOE

May 31, 2022 by fcostin

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Travelling across the snow is no easy feat. Without getting too distracted by the opportunity - little to say that it would be incredibly difficult to get bored when journeying across the Iceberg Sea. PIKA Games (Fantasia Games) are set to release FLOE next year, taking players on an adventure across the bitter and deadly cold to make their mark on the world they reside in.


FLOE // PIKA Games

Provided several different paths of opportunity - players will strive to pick and plan their route to determine exactly what hero they will become.

Maybe players will like to avoid conflict but become confused on the road ahead. The chance to explore the constantly changing environment, in search of buried secrets across the adaptable icebergs. The chance to take raise the sails on the hunt for lost and sunken treasure on the water. Or the opportunity to wield a weapon against lurking monsters that reside across the ice. Players will determine their own path to becoming a hero, which will vary depending on who is around the table.

Hero Concepts - FLOE

Hero Concept Art // FLOE

The game encourages players to explore the full map, as each player moves seamlessly across the realm and through the ice, to discover mysteries and danger ahead on the map.

The hero is the focus of the game, and players will be me ensuring that theirs is as tough as nails as they can be. With the chance to level up throughout the title, players will be undergoing helpful and dangerous tasks which will help players race into first place.

Floe - PIKA Games Box

FLOE Box Preview // PIKA Games

Whether that be weapon upgrades, new buildings to be erected or messing around with magic - there are many heroic challenges to contend with. Whichever character places all their sigils down first - done by completing a series of heroic challenges across the ice-cold - will be crowned the champion.

There is not much information released for Floe just yet, however, we can expect to see the title next year as it makes its debut on Kickstarter.

Think you can prove yourself heroic in the freezing cold in FLOE?

"The chance to explore the constantly changing environment, across a wide map to discover..."

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