Fight For The Prize, Highlander: The Board Game Now Available

December 10, 2018 by brennon

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River Horse has now released Highlander: The Board Game. This game for two-to-six players as you taking on the role of one of the immortals, preparing to fight each other and as the saying goes "There can be only one!".

Highlander The Board Game - River Horse

Inside the main set, you get a whole bunch of recognisable characters from the movie series including Connor, Ramirez, Kastagir, Fasil, Naminaga, Talia and The Kurgan.

Highlander The Board Game (Set-Up) - River Horse

If you're interested in learning about how the game plays when you can check out our video with the folks from River Horse below...

See what you think and then head on over to the River Horse webstore where they have some additional content for Highlander: The Board Game with an expansion, Princes Of The Universe.

Highlander The Board Game Princes Of The Universe - River Horse

Inside this set, you get some alternative versions of the characters from the main game as well as new cards which can expand upon your collection and help change the flow of gameplay when you sit down to give the game a go.

Are you going to be snapping this up? We've already seen a few people getting a hold of their copies from Kickstarter in the forums.

Let us know your thoughts...

"River Horse has now released Highlander: The Board Game..."

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