Dive Into Historical Fantasy Warfare With Go On Board’s TITANS

September 11, 2019 by brennon

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Go On Board are known for their work on the successful Valhalla card game but now they're getting all 'Dudes On A Map' with TITANS which brings you to the tabletop during a wartorn 17th Century Europe...but with a twist.

Titans - Go On Board

The game is going to be coming to Kickstarter in November and sees one-to-four players battling it out for control of the continent. The twist here is that as well as your mighty armies the different nations of Europe have also called forth mighty Titans to help change the tide of war in their favour.

Titans Gameplay - Go On Board

The dormant Spirits Of The Nations wake up from centuries of rest and are now ready to fight. Each monstrous creature comes themed to the specific nation so you have a shaggy looking Swedish Titan and a Polish one which is inspired by the Winged Hussars.

Titans Miniatures - Go On Board

Actions are taken from a shared Order Deck. You'll collect these into your hand and then plan our your actions for a turn, pushing forward your troops and doing battle, the key way to achieve victory. You can also win victory points by achieving secret missions and controlling regions, cementing your dominance.

Titans Artwork - Go On Board

The game features some stunning artwork which really helps to breathe life into the world they have created. I love the Historical characters and these iconic armies being twined with more Fantastical elements to create a dynamic and interesting world.

It will be interesting to see some gameplay for this as I do like a good battle on the tabletop in board game form. These folks did a great job with Valhalla so I hope this next step towards something with more miniatures goes well too.

Are you going to be keeping an eye on this one ahead of its Kickstarter launch?

"The game features some stunning artwork..."

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