Weekender: Infinity In 2016 & Organised Play

February 20, 2016 by dignity

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We've got another great Weekender for you today. Carlos has been in the studio from Corvus Belli and he has been sharing thoughts on Infinity in 2016...

What To Check Out

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What did we miss?

News Time

Catch up on some of the news we picked out from this week...

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Infinity In 2016

Carlos sits down to talk about the future of Infinity in 2016 with both the ITS tournaments coming up and plenty of releases on the horizon.

Organised Play

Talking about the ITS leads us into thinking about organised play and how that effects the way we gamers play our games.

Do you think that organised play is the way forward for those companies who are just starting out? What kind of support should companies offer?


It's time to check out who is fund raising...

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Have a great weekend!

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