Kaiju, Ocean, Comic Book, Hacker & Solo Mode Headed To Unfair

August 17, 2022 by fcostin

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Unfair from Good Games Publishing is getting a new expansion, which will be heading to retail this year. In a game of intense development to create the city's most amazing theme park. Players will be able to expand their themes even further bringing the Comicbook, Hacker, Kaiju, Ocean & Solo expansion, for a whole host of new unfair annoyances to unleash on your neighbour's park.

Unfair Range - Good Games

Unfair Range // Good Games Publishing

Moving on from the Pirate, Robot, Vampire Jungle, Ninja and Gangster themes and upgrades that have been embedded into Unfair since the beginning, players will soon gain access to four new themes to incorporate into their park. Each player will be mixing one theme each, to bring a truly chaotic method of attack and hindrance. Providing new strategies and warnings to cause trouble in an Unfair manner.

Unfair - Good Games Publishing

Unfair // Good Games Publishing

In a game of bribes and trickery, there is nothing a player wouldn't do to come out on top. Raking in wins from achieving hidden goals, building attractions, engaging in some events and simply just throwing money at the problem to earn more victory points.

The CHKOS Expansion brings in new cards and mechanics that come alongside the chaos of Kaiju, the game will be tailored depending on which theme is chosen, with players provided an overview card outlining the roadmap ahead.

Comic Book Overview Card - Unfair Expansion

Comic Book Overview Card // Unfair Expansion

The addition, the comic book theme will add masterminds in the middle alongside benefits for staff members and a new entryway. The Hacker will be working closely with WiFi, either causing chaos to opponents' parks on hire or making their way into your funds, plus the addition of a team of IT specialists to earn your park justice from behind the scenes. How do you feel about a Kaiju attack?

Kaiju Card Preview - Unfair Expansion

Kaiju Cards Preview // Unfair Expansion

If you want to gain a bit of peace away from the stabby motives of another lurking entrepreneur, the upcoming expansion brings a solo adventure for players looking to practice or face a new challenge against the game AI, Quinn. Allowing players to thrust events to hinder opponent progress with hopes to build a park worthy of more points than Quinn's output.

Whether you will sit quietly in the corner on the defensive building to your own hidden goals, or run through the game as an aggressive moneymaker ambitious and unafraid of interference, the upcoming expansion provides even more diversity in sticking it to your opponents across 91-themed combinations.

Staff Considerations - Unfair Expansion

Staff Considerations // Unfair Expansion

Good Games have said that they are on the verge of releasing 3 more expansions and 12 more themed packs in the future too, with further diversity underway! The expansion is set to be released this year, however, if you wanted to dip into the Gamefound Last Pledge stage, you can pick up everything you need to throw you into some Unfair madness.

Have you played Unfair? What is your favourite theme? 

"The upcoming expansion brings a solo adventure for players looking to practice or face a new challenge against the game AI, Quinn..."

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