Lazy Squire Prepare For Stormsunder With New Previews

February 13, 2020 by brennon

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Lazy Squire Games are going to be showing off a preview of their massive new Kickstarter game, Stormsunder: Heirs Of RuinFebruary 25th marks the start of their campaign and we're very much looking forward to it!

Stormsunder Kickstarter Image - Lazy Squire Games

Above you can see a pretty impressive look at what they have as the core components of the game. There are plenty of fascinating and different heroes in the mix as well as all manner of crazy looking creatures and monsters too. Lazy Squire Games seem to have been putting a lot of effort into making this a rather immersive experience. We will be keeping a closer eye on this, especially so we can figure out the gameplay that forms the baseline for all of these miniatures!

New Previews

As well as this peek as the contents of the Kickstarter above we also had some more close-ups of the characters that we'll be running into within the game. Leading the way we have Himura Hiroshi who is a rather demonic looking individual.

Himura Hiroshi - Lazy Squire Games

This fellow led his people out into the desert after the Storm decimated Retann. When they ran out of food they sliced up the first man that they met and ate him, turning into cannibals and survivors in a very brutal form. I absolutely love the base, piled with the dead and his mask which makes me think of a character from video games like Sekiro and Onimusha.

We also got a peek at two riders from New Irynnath within the world of Stormsunder. This fellow, atop his winged steed, is an imperious looking fellow. Even his mount is a muscle-bound fighter in its own right!

Stormsunder Rider #1 - Lazy Squire Games

We also had this fellow atop a more normal-looking steed. The style of armour is very nice and I love the details worked into its surface. With the new Contrast paints from Games Workshop, I think these would pop or alternatively with a normal paint job and a heavy shade over the top.

Stormsunder Rider #2 - Lazy Squire Games

The weapons these folks are using are great for those who like their over-the-top Fantasy designs. I hope this means that the game itself is big, bombastic and full of iconic moments. It's not long to go until this game hits the tabletop and we may or may not have a chance to take a good look at it soon.

What do you think?

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