Check Out Lazy Squires Immense Villains & Heroes For Stormsunder

October 24, 2019 by brennon

Lazy Squire Games has been sharing some images of their new characters, villains and more for the board game Stormsunder: Heirs Of Ruin. Here we have a peek at some of the heroes that are going to be leading the way, and we somewhat use that term in the loosest way.

Stormsunder Heirs of Ruin - Lazy Squire Games

This group of characters look like a motley crew who might have got on the wrong side of folks a few times. There are Half-Demons and Vampires in the mix here although I think my favourite of the bunch has to be that winged fellow in the middle. I do love a good 'angelic' warrior coming in to sow destruction.

There is also a distinctly Egyptian theme to the happenings in Stormsunder and that's where some more of their character previews come in like here with Ho-Tem Ra, The Mad Pharaoh Of Mokatta.

Stormsunder Heirs of Ruin Large Villain - Lazy Squire Games

I think this fellow stands somewhere around the 85mm mark and he is frankly quite impressive indeed. According to their chatter on Facebook though he likes cribbage, 80s sitcoms and world domination so maybe you'll have a few things to bond over as you battle across the board.

As well as all of the renders we also got a peek at one of the test pieces here, Nefetet.

Nefetet Model - Lazy Squire Games

The detail work looks like it has come out very nicely and I could see these models painting up very well indeed. Whilst this is going to be another plastic-filled board game adventure it's one which has a very different style to it which might be a neat element for folks to latch onto.

The Game!

So we've shown off some models but there's also more to discuss on the game itself. Stormsunder is a one-to-four player game where you play through a branching storyline of narrative elements whilst also battling foes atop classic looking dungeon tiles and environments.

Stormsunder Testing - Lazy Squire Games

The decision making in the game will lead you to unlock different endings meaning that you'll be coming back to this a few times to try and experience the different ways this can unfold. As well as that the game boasts an in-depth element of customisation which allows you to develop your characters and progress as you'd hope.

Combat is also said to be deadly and dangerous which is always a plus, especially with all of these less than heroic individuals wandering around.

Make sure to keep an eye on this here OnTableTop as we'll hopefully talk more about it in the future!

What do you make of the previews?

"Make sure to keep an eye on this here OnTableTop as we'll hopefully talk more about it in the future!"

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