Manage Your Own Dice-Driven Rides In Dice Theme Park

June 22, 2022 by fcostin

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Alley Cat Games are putting an end to all of that teasing over the past year or so, to a new approach to Dice Hospital. Changing the environment and still manipulating those dice, players will be taking to the rollercoasters and overpriced food, in Dice Theme Park, ready to be released next month.

Dice Theme Park - Alley Cat Games

Dice Theme Park // Alley Cat Games

Originally on Kickstarter, Dice Theme Park places one-to-four players in as managers of their own theme park, proving to have the most successful park in the area, by erecting some truly magical experiences across many different attractions.

The main feature of Dice Theme Park - who would have guessed it - is indeed the Dice. Alike Dice Hospital, players will be required to be a little more strategic with their throws. Instead of players managing high or low-scoring patients by the roll of the dice, they will be determining the customer's enjoyment of the rides within the park across different tiles. As different rides offer a variety of rewards to reap.

Staff Cards - Dice Theme Park

Staff Cards Preview // Dice Theme Park

Alongside the main mechanic of the dice, there will be cards to pay attention to. Adding in a card-based mechanic to determine the choice of player position before they ambitiously and eagerly rush each customer onto the rides!

If you are interested in the title, Alley Cat Games have mentioned that the difficulty is a little higher than its prior board game location - Dice Hospital. So if you are looking to get down the fundamentals of the worker placement, dice manipulation - it may be worth giving t

What's great is that there is a solo mode available, so if you do want to get in some practice and try the game without any stresses of competitive parks being erected within the area, it's a wonderful idea to take the game at your own pace.

Ride And Resources - Dice Theme Park

Ride And Resources // Dice Theme Park

Dice Theme Park is set to be released next month on July 20th, bringing mascots, staff management and customer enjoyment to the tabletop. I really used to play a lot of Theme Park Management games as a kid, whether that be Theme Park World, or Roller Coaster Tycoon. After enjoying Dice Hospital so much, I would certainly like to see the growth of the title. Bringing in new mechanics and growing the original concept into a new environment.

Do you like the look of Dice Theme Park? 

"Alike Dice Hospital, players will be required to be a little more strategic with their throws..."

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