Mantic Unveil More On Questing & Campaigns In Dungeon Saga

August 29, 2015 by brennon

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Mantic Games have spent the week telling us more about the future of Dungeon Saga and in particular I'd like to highlight the idea of campaigns and the additional options open to you through The Adventurer's Companion...

Dragon Attack

Downtime Adventures

One of the big things about The Adventurer's Companion is that it gives you a chance to explore beyond the confines of the dungeon. You can, in a similar way to Warhammer Quest, go and visit shops and other locations away from the dungeon when you level up and have adventures there too!

Location Cards

In addition to that there are plenty of other additional options available through The Adventurer's Companion. New monsters, templates for making your own dungeons, and the addition of an AI Deck allowing you to play completely co-operative and solo adventures.

Adventurer's Companion (Components)

This sounds like a fairly essential addition to your collection if you're going to be playing Dungeon Saga over an extended period of time. It's almost like having the 'Advanced' version of those retro dungeon crawlers.

Find out more on the Mantic Blog.

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"It's almost like having the 'Advanced' version of those retro dungeon crawlers..."

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