Many Marvel Heroes Are Joining Unmatched This Month!

March 10, 2022 by fcostin

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There are new releases this month for Unmatched over at Restoration Games. Changing the game dynamics on every release, this month is an exciting one for long-standing players - as the Marvel reinforcements have arrived. Bringing the Redemption Row and Hell's Kitchen into the fray.

Redemption Row - Unmatched Vol. 2

Redemption Row // Unmatched

It's been a long time waiting for these boxes, as Marvel characters have been pinpointed to join the card and miniatures title. The two new sets are now available to be purchased this month, adding the mysterious Moon Knight, the loyal Luke Cake and spicy Ghost Rider characters in the Redemption Row box and Elektra, Daredevil and Bullseye with the Hell's Kitchen Box.

As if these heroes didn't need an excuse to flex their weight, each character is going to need a set of unique skills to be able to come up against the likes of Bigfoot and Robin Hood in Unmatched.

Redemption Row Contents

Redemption Row Contents // Unmatched

The Redemption Row box flexes Moon Knight's ability to interchange fighting for the redemption and torture that they have endured during their Marvel character arcs anchoring his way through three different personalities, Luke Cake stands tall in his hard-as-nails persona flexing his titanium skin and mighty strength.

Moon Knight - Featured Image

Moon Knight Preview - Unmatched

Finally, Ghost Rider brings a lot of angst and pent up energy to the table - by channelling Hellfire to power up, you're going to need a glass of milk to battle that heat.

Redemption Row Box - Unmatched Vol. 2

Hell's Kitchen // Unmatched

Heading over to Daredevil's playground in The Hell's Kitchen box. The main man steps up by living on the edge once more, proving to be at his strongest form when exhausted! Also fuelled by willpower, Elektra wields her sais into battle proving a nasty redemption and come-back if she takes a hard hit. And finally, Bullseye brings his psychopathic personality to the test against enemies, unleashing brutal stikes from anywhere across the board - proving a worthy assassin.

Hells Kitchen Contents

Hell's Kitchen Contents // Unmatched

Now that we have got the first releases of the Marvel cohort out the way, hopefully, we can expect the floodgates to having opened and not such a long wait for the next bunch. The next sets to be released are the Teen Spirit box with Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, and Cloak and Dagger and the For King and Country box with Black Widow, Black Panther, and Winter Soldier. But if you want to get some Marvel madness out on your table now, Deadpool is available to be purchased now!

Deadpool Unmatched

Deadpool // Unmatched

The Redemption Row box is available to be purchased now, however, the Hell's Kitchen Box is set for release this month, shipped by Restoration before the end of March. So set up your next game of unmatched, as there are some new heroes looking to spice up the dynamics.

Personally, I was a bit disappointed to not see Gordon Ramsay in the Hell's Kitchen Box. 

"Ghost Rider channels Hellfire to power up... you're going to need a glass of milk to battle that heat..."

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