Monolith To Change Their Kickstarter Approach With Claustrophobia 1643

June 19, 2018 by brennon

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In a recent update on Facebook Monolith went into great detail discussing their new approach to Kickstarter which will start with new game, Claustrophobia 1643...

Claustrophobia 1643 Art - Monolith Edition

Boiling it down into the basics of what they've been saying, they are turning their next Kickstarter in a platform to not only market the game (which will already be effectively finished) but then collect pre-orders for it. This means that after the campaign finishes those who have pledged will then simply receive their games within six weeks.

Why not simply use a traditional pre-order system on their website? Well, Monolith has been quite candid and said that Kickstarter has a massive audience for them to draw in. This is just one of the many reasons they have used for explaining their change in approach.

Claustrophobia 1643 Sculpt - Monolith Edition

They believe that this process continues to take them down the route of being able to save money, cut out a lot of the fees and extra expense, and therefore put more money back into their games.

Additional reasons behind the change included the fact that discussion with Kickstarter seemed to be moving away from the game and towards business and money, stretch-goals behind nothing but a gimmick, and the fact that this would attract new 'pledgers' who have previously stayed away from the platform because of the long turn around times.

As you might imagine, this has been met with quite a bit of backlash from folks within the community...but in the end, as an evolving platform, maybe this is just another way to use the tool that is Kickstarter?

Monolith has even said that they have discussed their idea with Kickstarter itself, and they are happy for the platform to be used in this way. So, it seems fine right?

What Do You Think?

Well, considering our recent chatter about Kickstarter it will be interesting to hear your responses. Personally, if it works, then I think this could be a good way for larger companies to change their focus with projects towards producing better initial projects without the glut of extra nonsense that gets unlocked during campaigns (half of which no-one ever uses).

This also means the game WILL be in the hands of more people during this pre-order period so people can make proper decisions on the game and its prospects rather than looking at a game that 'might' be good.

It also does not change the way other smaller companies have to use the platform, and traditional funding will most likely still continue. However, if Monolith can pull this off I would imagine other companies like CMON and such might sit up and take notice.

Drop your thoughts below...

"...considering our recent chatter about Kickstarter it will be interesting to hear your responses"

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