Munchkin Dungeon Coming To Kickstarter January 29th

January 28, 2019 by brennon

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Munchkin Dungeon is coming to Kickstarter tomorrow on January 29th. CMON actually went into a little more detail about the game which sounds like it could be a right laugh.

Munchkin Dungeon - CMON

Munchkin Dungeon takes the flavour of Munchkin and mixes it in with a dungeon delver. Between two and five players will be taking it in turns to delve deeper into the dungeon, a push your luck element making your rewards all the richer but the chance or running into foes much worse.

As you delve, your fellow players can throw cards into the mix to end your Munchkin. This could be in the form of Events which take effect immediately or Wandering Monsters which will come to fight you.

As you defeat monsters you can gain access to loot and treasure, but also wounds! When you get wounded you will cover hearts on your character sheet and if they all get covered you can end up being chucked out of the dungeon, ready to return into the dungeon next turn.

As well as fame, loot and more you can also get shame which comes from certain events and monsters. You just have to make sure that you don't garner too much shame or you could end up screwing yourself over!

Last but not least, there will be a Boss monster in the very depths of the dungeon. A Boss being defeated three times is one of the ways the game can end as well as a Munchkin reaching twenty (or more) fame.

Munchkin Dungeon Banner - CMON

This sounds like a neat 'take that' dungeon delver that delivers on the Munchkin brand very well indeed. This might be an antidote to the card game, breathing new life into the universe.

Clank! also exists, however, and I do like that game!

Will you be checking out Munchkin?

"This might be an antidote to the card game, breathing new life into the universe..."

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