Mythic Games Announce Super Fantasy Brawl

February 25, 2019 by brennon

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Mythic Games have not only announced Hel: The Last Saga coming to Kickstarter this year but also Super Fantasy Brawl, a new card-driven skirmish game featuring some larger than life characters.

Super Fantasy Brawl Logo - Mythic Games

This new game by designer Jochen Eissenhuth alongside artists Johannes Helgeson, Bayard Wu, and Stephane Gantiez are looking to bring a hero brawler to the tabletop. You will select a team of three champions and combine their action cards together into a deck.

Super Fantasy Brawl Renders - Mythic Games

The game is also faction-free meaning that you can bring together all manner of different characters into one fighting force, combining all manner of different decks into something tactically sound. Additionally, as you can see the miniatures (at this early stage anyway) are looking rather awesome and larger than life.

Super Fantasy Brawl Cards - Mythic Games

When you get stuck into these brawls on the tabletop the victor levels up and continues to fight on through tournaments and organised play opportunities (or just leagues with friends) but if your enemies manage to bring low your levelled up champions they reset back to their initial statistics making each fight a new challenge for you to undertake.

Lots of additional characters are coming to expand the line-up including Gwaien here who brings powerful elemental options to the tabletop...

Super Fantasy Brawl Characters #2 - Mythic Games

...and characters like Gold'arr too. Immediately I think you'll notice that the selection of characters chosen for Super Fantasy Brawl span across the genres.

Super Fantasy Brawl Characters #1 - Mythic Games

It will be really cool to see what they do with this game when it arrives on Kickstarter. With plenty of options to add new characters, bring out new maps and additional special rules for tournaments, this could be a great game to delve into with friends on the tabletop both new and old.

Are you going to be tempted by Super Fantasy Brawl when it arrives on Kickstarter this Summer?

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"Are you going to be tempted by Super Fantasy Brawl when it arrives on Kickstarter this Summer?"

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