New Aliens Board Game Details Drop From Gale Force Nine!

March 11, 2020 by brennon

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We saw teasers of it at the last Battlefront Open Day in 2019 and now we're getting more details on the upcoming Aliens board game which is set to drop later this year in Q3 from Gale Force Nine!

Aliens Box - Gale Force Nine

Aliens is going to be a cooperative survival game where you will take on the role of iconic characters from the film of the same name. You arrive at Hadley's Hope, locked and loaded but soon uncover a deadly threat which is set to take all of your lives if you don't work together to put down the Xenomorphs and get out alive!

Aliens Game Layout - Gale Force Nine

This means that you'll be playing out some of those awesome moments from the film and maybe changing the fates of some of the stories characters. All of this is done through the aid of some rather awesome looking game tiles, player aids and of course miniatures which represent the different characters.

Aliens Miniatures - Gale Force Nine

That squad of ultimate badasses are looking very cool indeed and I love that you also get a hard-as-nails looking Ripley in the mix too. Even Newt makes an appearance, adding to the cast and offering up more options in-game.

Aliens Card Fan - Gale Force Nine

This all sounds very cool indeed but this isn't all of the announcements for the Aliens board game...


As well as the core game above there will also be a couple of expansion packs coming down the pipeline. The first is the Ultimate Badasses expansion which features a band of new Marines to get stuck into the fighting with.

Aliens Expansion Marines

Then, as if that wasn't enough, you've also got a really epic looking confrontation to play out as part of the Get Away From Her You B***h expansion.

Aliens Expansion Queen

So yes, this adds Ripley clad in her power loader suit and also the Alien Queen in all of her glory, ready for a mega showdown on the tabletop. Over the coming months, we'll hopefully find out more about exactly how the game plays and what the expansions add to the experience too.

If Aliens is one of your favourite movies, or you just like the idea of cooperative survival gameplay, this might be a game to keep an eye out for. This is certainly one that I'd love us to get in the studio so we can play a full Let's Play. It's certainly going to be quote-fest playing this game!

Could you see yourself snapping up this game when it releases later in 2020?

"It's certainly going to be quote-fest playing this game!"

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