Hunt For A New Location To House Atlantis In Orichalcum

September 5, 2022 by fcostin

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Pandasaurus Games are not slowing down when it comes to board game announcements! Straight after the details for Wolves and The Fox Experiment after SPIEL '22, you'll be hanging out with an over-qualified monster clean-up crew from Atlantis in Orichalcum.

Oricalccum - Pandasaurus

Orichalcum // Pandasaurus Games

Coming to retail stores before the close of the year, Orichalcum is testing players in a race against time. Competing against up to three other players on the table, Atlantis is no longer an appropriate home and to further progress the civilisation, the idea of a new settlement has come to light. This means carving and scouting through the unknown, exploiting the lands and exterminating any monsters who currently dwell there.

Due to a major catastrophic event about to take place undersea, the Atlantians are uprooting in a 4X manner. New land is the biggest priority as Atlantis is going down the sinkhole. Players will need to ensure that their fresh and shiny settlement is not in the midst of monsters most importantly, clearing the area and surrounding realm of evil.

Gamplay Preview - Orichalcum

Gameplay Preview - Orichalcum

There are several different ways that you can win the game, with goals to meet and a different journey for each player to achieve. Overarchingly, players must race to meet five victory points. Gaining victory points can be met by raising up temples of worship, catching the gaze of the all-powerful titans or simply diving into the grind of forging Orichalcum medallions. There is no straight line therefore dipping into different aspects will create a truely bespoke path to victory, suited to your playstyle and adaptable to your opponents!

Game And Component Preview - Orichalcum

Game And Component Preview // Orichalcum

Originally known as Orichalique, and now heading to an English-speaking market. Orichalcum is set to be released in Q4 of this year. This was originally from Catch Up Games but is now coming to a new, fresh audience from Pandasaurus.

Do you think you will be able to find a new flawless home for the Atlantians?

"There are several different ways that you can win the game, with goals to meet and a different journey for each player to achieve..."

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