Strengthen Your Pack To Claim Territory In The Wolves

August 8, 2022 by fcostin

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Pandasaurus Games have announced their venture into new and dangerous territories at the hands of a wolfpack. The Wolves strategy board game has been announced, ready to be released on October 26th as players build territory across a diverse region for the livelihood of the pack.

The Wolves - Pandasaurus Games

The Wolves // Pandasaurus Games

2-5 players will be competing for control over the lands in front of them. Across different terrain tiles, players will be playing to their strengths obtaining territories in their favour. Hoping to form a sturdy pack, by meeting lone wandering canines to recruit and claim even more territory.

Being aware of the standing hierarchy within the pack, players will be howling to recruit their alpha. Hoping to build dens and lairs across uncharted territories to move and claim the lands for themselves, hunting prey along the way.

Board And Component Preview - The Wolves

Board And Component Preview // The Wolves

Witnessing the Tundra, Grass and Rocky paths where different factions find strength in their matching environment. The Tundra Wolf may be comfortable controlling the snowy regions, however expanding too quickly into a mountainous path, may force your numbers to dwindle if an opponent is lurking close by. The more that is explored, the savvier a pack will get. Upgrading their output and attributes to adapt to a brutal output the further the wolves wander.

There are three different ways that players can score points, whether they decide to go on the recruit to bolster the furry army from wandering soldiers, take down some lurking game, or simply prove to be the most dominant pack around the table and take hold of the most land across the different tiles.

Tundra Wolf - The Wolves

Tundra Wolf // The Wolves

If you are keen on forming a faction of wolves and competing for territory, if you are heading out to Essen Spiel this year, you'll be able to swag yourself an early copy before it arrives in retail. But if you don't want to leave your home and want to swag yourself a copy from Pandasaurus themselves, pre-orders will be open on the 22nd of August and contain a cheeky additional promo for ordering direct.

The game takes roughly 75 minutes to play through, as players make their way across the modular board with a pack in tow. Intimidating the lands with strategy and thinking ahead to claim the mountainous, grassy and arctic terrain for the win.

Are you tempted by Pandasaurus' upcoming board game, The Wolves?

"Being aware of the standing hierarchy within the pack, players will be howling to recruit their alpha..."

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