Get A Peek At Petersen Games’ Dinosaur 1944 Kickstarter

June 10, 2020 by brennon

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Petersen Games are going to be on Kickstarter soon with their wild pulp adventure, Dinosaur 1944. There was a preview recently of what they're offering on Kickstarter and it certainly has the dinosaur fan in me smiling.

Dinosaur 1944 Main - Petersen Games

Dinosaur 1944 Kickstarter

This gives you a good look at what you can expect from the game when it launches. A bunch of soldiers around the 28mm mark and then some bloomin' awesome looking dinosaurs which stretch up to over 120mm in height! This is Petersen Games after all, they do like doing miniatures for their board games.

As a game concept, it also sounds pretty ace. You work together as a group to try and stop the dinosaurs from rampaging across the island and seeking an escape onto the mainland. It's like Jurassic Park and The Lost World have been drawn into the Weird World War.

Dinosaur 1944 Raptor Pledge - Petersen Games

Dinosaur 1944 Raptor Pledge

I am rather looking forward to seeing where they go with this one and also exploring a bit of gameplay when the campaign launches too. I am a sucker for anything with big dinosaurs in it so if this gives me a chance to pick up and paint a bunch of these awesome creatures then I may be tempted.

Are you interested in this from just seeing the dinosaurs and basic concept alone?

"Are you interested in this from just seeing the dinosaurs and basic concept alone?"

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