PHALANX Bringing U-BOOT Board Game Back To Kickstarter!

October 12, 2023 by brennon

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PHALANX Games have announced that they are going to be returning to Kickstarter with one of their biggest board games, U-BOOT: The Board Game is going to be coming back with a second printing! Prepare to command your submarine and dive, dive, dive into this game of World War II naval warfare.



For those who haven't played U-BOOT before, it's a real-time board game where one to four players take on the role of Captain, First Officer, Navigator and Chief Engineer onboard a VIIC U-Boat. You'll have to work together to fulfil your mission objectives that have been issued to them by German Navy HQ.

  • The Captain oversees the completion of mission objectives, supervises activations, and is responsible for the crew’s morale.
  • The First Officer operates the companion app, manages the flow of information, and takes care of the crew’s health.
  • The Navigator steers the submarine by setting and tracking its course and depth and updates all the essential information on the strategic and tactical map.
  • The Chief Engineer is responsible for the engines, repairs, weapon systems, as well as other mechanical issues.

Through the use of traditional board game mechanics and a companion app, you'll find yourself diving into a game where you'll be consistently surprised by the curveballs that the game throws at you thanks to the challenging enemy AI. With that in mind, you'll have to use your tactical knowledge, teamwork and crew management to react to events quickly as they pop up.

U-BOOT Cardboard Set - PHALANX

U-BOOT - Cardboard Set // PHALANX

The new Kickstarter campaign will feature a second printing of the original 2019 game as well as an updated companion app with a brand new Mission Builder added. This will allow you to build and share your own online missions giving you more variety when you sit down to play. Players will be able to design their maps, set the difficulty and work out what kind of convoys they might encounter during their naval adventures.

There will also be a chance to get your hands on the highly detailed plastic model U-Boat that sits in the middle of the playspace rather than the cardboard one!

U-BOOT Plastic Set - PHALANX

U-BOOT - Plastic Set // PHALANX

There will also be an option to buy the new components presented as part of the campaign if you already own the original. So, another great chance for you to pick up U-BOOT if you missed out the first time and it's not too far away. Put 24th October on your calendars! If this has got you excited, make sure to check out the playthrough we did of the original game below...

Let's Play: U-BOOT - The Board Game

With a nice integration of app and traditional board game mechanics enhancing the experience and the option to play either solo or with friends, I can see a lot of folks looking to pick this up if they missed out the first time. As well as just playing through single missions, you can also link them together or play out full campaigns if you like.

Also, who could say no to a big plastic U-Boat?!

"...who could say no to a big plastic U-Boat?!"

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