Pre-Orders Now Live For The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged

July 6, 2021 by brennon

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Brotherwise Games are now taking pre-orders for their new licensed board game, The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged. Set in the awesome animated world of The Dragon Prince and based on the hit Netflix show, take control of heroes and villains from the cartoon and dive into epic duels.

The Dragon Prince Battlecharged Cover - Brotherwise Games

The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged // Brotherwise Games

Games of Battlecharged can be played with between two and six players and take around forty-five minutes. Depending on the number of players, you'll either control all of the characters on your side or perhaps even just a single one. This means that Battlecharged can be played as a tense one-versus-one encounter or a team-based cooperative clash.

The Dragon Prince Battlecharged Components - Brotherwise Games

The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged Components // Brotherwise Games

Gameplay in Battlecharged is pretty simple. Each character has their own deck of cards and when you build a team they are mashed together. On your turn, you'll draw cards and either play them using the energy you've built up or perform basic actions from each characters sheet. The aim is to knock out your opponent three times in order to claim victory. You can check out Ella Loves Boardgames for a more detailed run-through of the game's rules.

Quick How To Play // Ella Loves Boardgames

The base game comes with eight miniatures for the different heroes and villains and base rings so you can work out who is on which side. You also get all the cards, components and boards to play on. Each environment looks pretty cool and offers up an interesting challenge.

Battlecharged is currently available to pre-order in the US alongside some bonuses including a Dark Callum miniature and deck. You'll also find an expansion for Boss Monster too. International pre-orders are coming soon (hopefully!) and you can sign up to put your name down for a copy of the game. Don't worry, they don't take any details beyond your email and where you're from.

As a fan of quick beer and pretzel type board games and The Dragon Prince, Battlecharged looks like it could be a lot of fun. I could see my friends and I cracking this out and playing a couple of games of an evening seeing who can win a best of three or five.

Are you tempted by The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged?

"As a fan of quick beer and pretzel type board games and The Dragon Prince, Battlecharged looks like it could be a lot of fun..."

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