Meet The Princess-Saving Heroes Of Familiar Tales

December 15, 2021 by fcostin

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One board game I am certainly looking forward to in the early stages of 2022, is Familiar Tales from Plaid Hat Games. Players embark on a narrative adventure as they take the role of Wizard's familiars in hopes of protecting a baby Princess, and moulding her into a prim and proper ruler before returning to the prestigious kingdom.

As a cooperative team, players will band together as one of four familiars utilising special and whimsical abilities as they journey forward into the dangers that lurk in the land.

The Baby - Familiar Tales - Plaid Hat

The Princess // Familiar Tales

However, it is no secret that the baby Princess is missing, word has spread far and wide and the evil Lord Perish and his merry band of minions are out to take the child, with hopes of seeing her perish and a new ruler on the throne.

Plaid Hat Games have given us prospective players a chance to get to know our whimsical heroes a bit better. Before we commit to some teeny tiny Princess-saving activities, finding the familiar that suits our playstyle is right at the top of the list!

Gribbert - Familiar Tales - Plaid Hat

Gribbert Playable Character // Familiar Tales

Gribbert is quite well-versed in the world of humans! Although he may look like a frog in the first appearance, this charismatic amphibian was once a human himself. Sadly venturing out on an adventure once, causing a scuffle with an angry witch turned him into a frog. He is a fantastic asset knowing the ins and outs of humanity, and that bow and arrow is not the only projectile that needs to be watched!

Flicker - Familiar Tales - Plaid Hat

Flicker Playable Character // Familiar Tales

Looking to use a little less brute force and more of a cheerful and chatty presence? Flicker is a small fairy Candletinder, which means there is a bit of spark hiding behind that kind and wholesome exterior. Especially combined with her Tindermere wand. Never underestimate the fairies!

Chalk - Familiar Tales - Plaid Hat

Chalk Playable Character // Familiar Tales

Make way for the gentle giant! Chalk, maybe a stone golem of many words (or none infact), but his sensitivity is off the charts! Clobbering time has come early for those looking to take on the role of muscle. But muscle certainly does not involve stupidity! Chalk gets his talking done through a symbiotic relationship with bluebird, Tweets.

Blaze Playable Character // Familiar Tales

And finally, our cunning fox - Blaze. Incredibly loyal and protective, Blaze is no fox you want to be caught in your crosshairs. She is a fantastic hunter, and incredibly savvy out in the wildlands. Plus her bite is much more painful than her bark!

All miniatures have been manufactured with plastic and will come with all of the customisation goods to ensure your player board is fit for a hero. Including a wealth of cards to attack and build skills for your character, health dials and some fancy organisation to ensure everything stays in the right order.

Familiar Tales will be released in January 2022, but if you did want to secure your copy - there are lots of preorders available online at both FLGS and Plaid Hat Games' website.

What character would you pick to protect the Princess? I would either go for Gibbert or Chalk! 

"As a cooperative team, players will band together as one of four familiars utilising special and whimsical abilities..."

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