Privateer Tinker & Spread Foulness With New Riot Quest Heroes

January 3, 2020 by brennon

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Privateer Press has been tinkering around with all sorts for the world of Riot Quest which pits teams of heroes against each other for scrap and all sorts of other oddities. Leading the way for their latest set of releases we have Master Gurglepox.

Master Gurglepox - Privateer Press

Here is more on this particular fellow...

"Master Gurglepox is a Specialist class Hero that is full of tricks and utility. Like all Specialists, he can lower the Loot Cost to equip Riot Gear to Heroes. Additionally, Gurglepox can earn a player Loot just by attacking and hitting an Enemy, thanks to his Salvage rule. Perhaps his dirtiest trick is his Caustic Fumes ability, which allows him to damage enemies that are too close when Gurglepox decides to run away."

What's more fun than a Necrotech riding a Deathripper right? I think this model looks loads of fun and it would be great to really get stuck in with the glow effects across the model here, pumping up the eerie evil green to the next level.

Robotic Release

As well as Master Gurglepox with his strange, warped appearance, we've also got something much more towering for you to consider adding into the mix. Here is Destructotron 3000...

Destructotron 3000 - Privateer Press

Now this fellow looks like he'd do a good bit of damage to your foes...

"Destructotron 3000 is a Gunner class Hero that specializes in melting faces. There is nothing fancy or tricky to this Hero—it’s a straightforward damage dealer. Destructotron deals the most damage when shooting at adjacent enemies, thanks to Point Blank and Disintegration abilities, which both trigger when they are right next to their target. Players looking to add a ranged DPS all-star to their Riot Quest Crew are definitely going to want to take a look at Destructotron 3000."

Straightforward damage-dealing certainly appeals to me and it's nice to see that there is another more entry-level hero in the mix for those looking to get stuck into Riot Quest. Again, you've got the chance to do some really fun glow effects across this model when it comes to painting.

I also like the idea of maybe getting two of this fellow. You paint one up with that typical blue glow and then you get another with a red glow effect for when it gets really, really angry.

What do you make of these new heroes?

"You paint one up with that typical blue glow and then you get another with a red glow effect for when it gets really, really angry..."

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