Prodos Open Up Pre-Orders For Alien Vs Predator Add-Ons

October 27, 2015 by brennon

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Prodos Games have opened up a pre-order section on their webstore for those of you looking to get your hands on Add-Ons for Alien Vs Predator, their board game where Aliens, Marines and Predators duke it out. There are quite a lot of interesting new models coming your way...

Aliens Galore

Kicking things off we have two massive Aliens with the Queen & Crusher for your poor hapless Colonial Marines to deal with. The Crusher is looking like an absolute beast and I could see some scenarios coming together where you run away from it...

AvP Alien Queen

While the idea for the Crusher came from a terrible video game the creature is still worth keeping in the annuls of Alien lore I reckon.

AvP Alien Crusher

As well as the Crusher and the Queen they have also added a range of Alien Warriors to the pre-order list to bulk up your force just that little bit more.

AvP Alien Warriors

The sculpting really is great on these models and throughout the AvP line even if some people are still waiting on their pledges from Kickstarter. It's a shame that things have got into such a state with the game as the models themselves are well worth having.

Predators A'Comin'

This hybrid Predalien has also joined the ranks of the weird and wonderful in the game. Two apex predators being merged into one is clearly not a good idea and the movies showed why...

AvP Predalien

If the Predators tire of hunting then they could always send these Hellhounds to do the work for them. They will be sniffing (do they sniff?) out potential kills for the Predators and prove a nuisance I'm sure.

AvP Predator Hellhound

You could probably also get away with using them as Chaos Hounds in other games within the Fantasy realm too. They have an altered and warped nature about them that would work well.

Do You Even Lift Bro?

Last but not least we have the Powerloader for the Marines. While this was an effective fighting machine in the movies I can't help but think that in reality this leaves you far too exposed...

AvP Power Loader

Surely the Aliens would just crawl all over your lumbering frame and kill you from that nice tin can you're sitting in? Either way it's an iconic addition to the game.

As mentioned there are still some problems surrounding this game. However, let me know what you think of the models themselves in the comments below...

What do you think?

"The Crusher is looking like an absolute beast and I could see some scenarios coming together where you run away from it..."

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