Descent Road To Legend App Now Available From FFG

May 14, 2016 by brennon

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Descent: Journeys In The Dark was a fantastic game when it came out but it was dogged by a lot of difficulty issues and at times it became quite the brutal meat factory for the Overlord as he killed you over and over again. So, Road To Legend by Fantasy Flight Games, spins things on its head with a new App...

Road To Legend

The new App, available on Amazon, iTunes and Google allows you to play the game completely co-operatively with no need for an evil Overlord. You will be playing through as a group of four as you battle through new quests, new story elements and more.

You actually gain more reputation and additional skills right from the beginning allowing you to face greater challenges and more complex quests.

Road To Legend Map

The campaign map that you get after the tutorial sets you down within this world where you can look at exploring side quests to earn extra loot OR you can just get on with the main quest. It was a lot of fun when we played this last night - I really enjoyed it.

Road To Legend Dungeon

The victory conditions will still be set out by the quest OR through that little red number in the top left. When a hero goes down that ticker drops and once it hits zero no-one can be bought back and you will eventually find yourself overrun and destroyed by the game.

When you get the dungeons down on the tabletop the game picks out tiles for you at random according to the quest then places objectives and monster groups. You then have to battle them and follow the story as it unfolds. It even has some voice acting!

Road To Legend Sets

One of the best things about the App is that it's free. If you have the core Descent game then you're good to go. It then takes account of what sets you have within your gaming group and plans the dungeons and monster spawns accordingly.

This really is a fantastic way of reviving the world of Descent and I can see myself playing this a lot more now there is more emphasis on co-operation rather than the one vs many. This isn't to say the new version of the game isn't punishing, it's still hard - but it's not as rock solid as the original game!

I really suggest giving this a go!

"It was a lot of fun when we played this last night - I really enjoyed it..."

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