Ruffles The Rooster Joins Wyrd Games’ Bayou Bash

May 14, 2021 by fcostin

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Ahoy there Wyrdos. If you are anything like me, you will be excited for Bayou Bash to be heading over to our tabletops this summer. Now considering that I am a fan of Wyrd products anyway, the upcoming release of the board game is getting me quite giddy! Featuring the lovable rogue redneck Gremlins and awesome mounts from through the breach. 

Bayou Bash // Wyrd Games

This week, Wyrd Games have confirmed one of the newest playable characters, and taken a look into their perks within the game. The Rooster, Ruffles is ready to cluck its way into the race, leaving the other mounts at the start line.

As each round of Bayou Bash is unpredictable, each round will be different it is great to get ahead with all of the character's abilities before setting off into a race, and Ruffles is keen on adapting to the change of pace.

As Bayou Bash is not as simple as a "get to the finish line" race, you will be getting a bit battered until you reach that finish line. Ruffles the Rooster will be a character you want to be as far away from as possible. If another character becomes too close to his warpath, the abilities and triggers will ensure you are nowhere near his goal of the finish line.

Ruffles // Malifaux

What is even better, is that Ruffles is able to make his way into a Gremlins crew for Malifaux. As Wyrd start crossing over more of their products, I am excited to see what other awesome releases they have in store with a set of Malifaux cards hidden inside.

Bayou Bash will be hitting the shelves this summer, so make sure you take a look at the upcoming board game for 2-6 players, promising havoc, stress and a real vibe emitting from the gremlins themselves.

Will you be picking up this new title?

"Ruffles the Rooster will be a character you want to be as far away from as possible..."

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