Scheme Your Way Into Supervillainy In Upcoming Board Game Bequest

July 22, 2021 by fcostin

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WizKids are coming thick and fast with their new board game announcements that are catching my eye, and it is hard to go a week without my crow-brain wanting to covet the new shiny object coming to the tabletop.

Bequest // WizKids

The upcoming release of Bequest has been announced, and the sinister Dr. Schism has sadly passed away but is not ready to let go of his mischievous antics as a bit of a pain to society. He is leaving one bequest to his evil neighbours, and it is up to 3-6 players to fight petty and dirty to become the next supervillain, journeying through Dr. Schism's estate.

Consisting of five rounds, players will need to collect asset cards to avert their neighbours from discovery. Whilst keeping a close eye to try and anticipate their aspiring findings - fighting for the spoils of Dr. Schism's death. Mixing several different board game mechanics, such as drafting, set-collection and I Cut-You Choose - players will need to prove themselves worthy slimy minions to gain the loot and legacy of the late supervillain.

Bequest // WizKids

Players will need to make quick and simple decisions to beat out opponents and the clock, utilising strategy and hoping to walk away with as many riches as possible, in hope of becoming the next biggest supervillain the world has ever seen.

The game does come with an Advanced Mode too if you are looking at more of a challenge into villanry! Adding more characters, abilities and changed to cards to diversify the game on hard mode.

You can now get your pre-orders in, online and at your FLGS stores! And if you are looking to dip into the new title, don't forget to pick a free promotional card in the August issue of Game Trade Magazine, to add to your deck upon game release.

Everybody knows that to be a successful supervillain, you are going to need a little bit of bank behind you for all those schemes! 

"Players will need to make quick and simple decisions to beat out opponents and the clock..."

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