Skrull Throws Helm Into The Ring For Spot On Your Blood Bowl Team!

January 25, 2021 by avernos

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Games Workshop has previewed another upcoming Star Player for your Blood Bowl teams with a Dwarf Thrower?... Did you read that right, apparently you did for Skrull Halfheight is not only an oddity when it comes to Dwarven teams, but he is also living impaired.

Skrull Halfheight

Skrull Halfheight // Blood Bowl

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Skrull was a star player in life able to hit the mark with his throws but wasn't able to fit into the regular dwarven teams as his passes were too accurate for the catchers.

However, all was not lost and when he met an untimely death a necromancer realised that he would be perfect for a more dynamic team of catchers and throwers such as his undead horde, Nuffle be Praised!

Skrull Halfheight Concept // Games Workshop

Gameplay-wise you’ll find him a spectacular thrower with a twist, possessed of a solid Armour Value of 9+, a decent Movement Allowance of 6, and a unique special rule that all-but guarantees he’ll nail that crucial touchdown throw.

Apart from the usual grab bag of Throwers abilities like Pass, Sure Hands and Accurate Skrull has his own ability, Strong Passing Game, once per game after making a test to pass he can choose to modify the result by adding his strength to it.

A hard-headed, well armoured Thrower with regeneration means unlike others of his ilk he should still be standing after a bit of rough and tumble from the opposition ensuring your hard-earned gold won't be needlessly wasted, and the sculpt maintains a bit of that delightful whimsy that we expect from Blood Bowl with him using a zombie's detached arm for extra leverage on his throw.

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