Escape The Dark Castle Once More With New Adventure Packs!

June 12, 2018 by brennon

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Escape The Dark Castle is back on Kickstarter as Themeborne develops a new campaign focused on bringing new Adventure Packs into the fold. You have plenty of new stories to delve into as you face the nightmares that hide in the shadows.

Escape The Dark Castle Adventure Packs - Themeborne

The focus of the Kickstarter is to bring these three Adventure Packs to life. You have the Cult Of The Death Knight which was previously available as part of the first campaign joined by the Scourge Of The Undead Queen...

Scourge Of The Undead Queen - Themeborne

...and the Blight Of The Plague Lord. Each of these new stories throws in additional mechanics like Companions (in the case of Adventure Pack Two) and the deadly Plague and its Carriers (Adventure Pack Three).

Blight Of The Plague Lord - Themeborne

These adventures can be played out as they are with the Plague Lord or Undead Queen as your final boss OR you can mix them in with the collection as a whole to offer up entirely random quests which will look to trick and trap you at every turn.

What Is Escape The Dark Castle?

If you haven't played Escape The Dark Castle before, it's a bit like one of the gamebooks you might have played when you were younger. You escape from your cell and must turn over the 'pages' of the deck in front of you, confronting each of the encounters as they are revealed before trying to beat the final boss.

Escape The Dark Castle Main - Themeborne

The twist is that if ANY of your party die, you lose. You can't escape this dungeon without the help of your friends after all! The game features wonderful old school artwork and it is exceptionally good fun getting stuck into an adventure. I think I've played the game four times and only beaten it once!

Additional Extras

Themeborne LOVE making their games as good looking as possible and with this second campaign you can snap up options like the Collector's Box.

Escape The Dark Castle Collector's Box - Themeborne

As well as keeping all of your cards in one place it also comes with some added extras too. This takes the form of a nice bag to keep your dice, a new way to track health (rather than the pencil and paper), a new first player marker and an epilogue piece which helps set the scene whether you win or lose.

Another neat extra that I liked was the Playmat here. This gives you a space to place your character card, equipment and any other effects that might be befalling your character.

Escape The Dark Castle Playmat - Themeborne

But, the extra option that I really would love to snap up is the Death Book!

The Death Book - Themeborne

The Death Book is a wonderful tome which tells you just how you died. I am a massive fan of the Critical Injury Chart in Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play and so a book telling us how you gruesomely died just seems perfect for a game like Escape The Dark Castle.

There's plenty more for you to check out on the campaign page so if this has caught your eye, get your comments in below!

Have you given this a go?

"The Death Book is a wonderful tome which tells you just how you died..."

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