Steamforged Announce Resident Evil 3 Board Game Kickstarter

April 6, 2020 by brennon

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Steamforged Games has announced that they are going to be returning to Kickstarter on April 28th with a project to bring Resident Evil 3 to the tabletop. With the release of the revamped video game last week it seems an apt time to return to Racoon City.

Resident Evil 3 Board Game Main - Steamforged Games

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This game is based on the original 1999 classic which spooked the hell out of many a gamer back in the last century. One-to-four players will take on the roles of Jill, Carlos and companions as they try and make it through the dark and sinister ruins of Racoon City during the zombie outbreak.

Jill - Steamforged Games

Players will make their way through scenarios based on the video game and as the danger level rises, more undead monsters will find their way onto the streets in search of your heroes. Tight cooperative gameplay is the name of the game and you'll have to manage resources and make meaningful decisions if you want to get out the other side alive.

Carlos - Steamforged Games

In addition to that, the Tension Deck mechanics from the Resident Evil 2 board game have also made a return which means that terrifying things could happen at any moment. As this is Steamforged Games, the game will feature some great looking plastic miniatures as you can see above for both the heroes and the villains. Nemesis is looking particularly terrifying.

Nemesis - Steamforged Games

I hope they manage to get his relentless and unstoppable stalking of the main characters into the mix and he is a tough cookie to crack! I would imagine he'll have mechanics for downing him and making him pause whilst you make an escape!

Zombie - Steamforged Games

Resident Evil 3 also saw the addition of some slightly quirkier looking creatures into the Resident Evil mythos. For example, you'll have to contend with zombies and  the likes of the Drain Deimos.

Drain Deimos - Steamforged Games

Steamforged Games continue to show that they're up for handling these video game licences and it will be interesting to hear from people who played the Resident Evil 2 game as to how they found it. I remember it seemed like good fun although I only saw a few demos getting played at events and such.

Are you a big Resident Evil fan and if so, is this going to be on your radar?

"Are you a big Resident Evil fan and if so, is this going to be on your radar?"

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