Weaving Stories & Meeting More Of HEL: The Last Saga’s Cast

May 4, 2020 by brennon

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Over the weekend we got to meet more of the characters that will be joining Mythic Games on their adventures in HEL: The Last Saga. We also got to learn a bit more about the storytelling elements present in the game and how they play out during play.

Erika The Huntress - Mythic Games

The first of the characters we're meeting this time is Erika, The Huntress. Erika is of noble birth but she long ago decided to strip herself of those trappings and instead take up the mantle of a hunter, living in the wild and training her skills. She, and her father Alvar, now have much to reconcile whilst on this new journey. You'll also notice that of all the characters we're seen so far she is the one who most overtly reveals her belief in the Christian God.

In an almost savage reflection of Erika, we also have Oslaug, The Wildling. Whilst also one with nature, she has taken a very different path.

-5eafc607d5795--5eafc607d5796Oslaug The Wildling - Mythic Games.jpg

She seems like a rather broken individual who is more beast than human now. You certainly get the feeling that she has let the wold into her heart and embrace the more savage side of humanity. I quite like the stylised approach to some of the characters we're getting here from Mythic. You sense that they have taken a lot of the Viking tropes and then tweaked them slightly to give them a more uncanny and horror-esque slant.

Storytelling In HEL: The Last Saga

As well as getting a look at these new characters, we also learned a bit more about how stories are told in the game. Firstly, we have the expansive Saga Booklet which comes with all the passages of text that you'll need to read when diving into your adventures.

-5eafc9274514a--5eafc9274514cFate Cards.jpg

Nearly every card in the game will come with a number on it and a passage of text you'll want to read. This could then lead to a decision that needs to be made, a secret to be kept or simply a piece of the puzzle you'll need when solving the mystery of this voyage into the unknown.

Because the game also features an extensive narrative, the game also comes with bookmarks and saga tokens which help you track what's going on from playthrough to playthrough. As well as being symbols which give you a note as to what to read, they also give you a timer so you know something is going to happen a few turns into the future.

These hidden and revealed tokens give you the chance to ignore the weave of fate or let your curiosity get the better of you. It means that you might also find yourself facing different scenarios each time you sit down to play the game through.

As well as all of that, the game also comes with the Fate Cards which are individual to each scenario. These big cards set the parameters for play and explore what's unfolding whilst on expedition and back in camp.

Finally, there are also story options that are only read during night time. It's up to you whether or not you want to chance exploring that side of the narrative when things go bump.

Are you tempted by HEL: The Last Saga?

"...hey have taken a lot of the Viking tropes and then tweaked them slightly to give them a more uncanny and horror-esque slant"

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