Help Stop The Haunting Of Dale For Journeys In Middle-earth

August 14, 2020 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has another expansion on the way for those who are playing The Lord Of The Rings: Journeys In Middle-earth. The Haunting Of Dale awaits, a new digital campaign for those wanting to go beyond the Core Box and its quests.

The Haunting Of Dale - Fantasy Flight Games

The Haunting Of Dale // Fantasy Flight Games

The Haunting Of Dale requires you to have the Shadowed Path expansion for the game, giving you the ability to play out this new adventure set within the walls and surroundings of Dale and The Lonely Mountain of Erebor.

There are thirteen new adventures to play through, each with a branching storyline which explores the Kingdom Of Dale and its mysteries. You will be dealing with a terrible Shade that is said to be haunting the lands around Dale plus you'll also be allying yourself with the Longbeard Dwarves of Erebor and doing deeds for them too.

There are also some great premium figures within this pack, Dwellers In Darkness. You have options like the Supplicant of Morgoth and Ollie the Troll.

Dwellers In Darkness - Fantasy Flight Games

Dwellers In Darkness // Fantasy Flight Games

As well as figures for some of the campaign material already available, allowing you to showcase these villains with lovely miniatures, you'll also find more gear too. Options for travellers and fighters are in the mix and some new titles too which might help you on your adventures.

Are you going to be picking up this campaign and expansion?

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