The Matrix Legendary Encounters Teased At Gen Con

August 16, 2022 by fcostin

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An upcoming Legendary Encounters game is underway, bringing an unlikely IP to the forefront in a new exploration of the franchise. Over at Gen Con, Upper Deck shared a little sneak peek at what they are working on, unveiling the newest addition to the licensed Upper Deck titles.

The Matrix trilogy has been adapted to the tabletop, finding a new home over at Upper Deck with a new Legendary Encounters title. Calling all players to wield their armless sunglasses and black leather trench coat onto the surface.

Legendary Encounters Matrix - Upper Deck

Legendary Encounters Matrix Preview // Upper Deck

The Matrix: Legendary Encounters was being openly demoed across the tables at Gen Con. Showcasing the narrative through a series of "acts" that will thrust players down the path and hole of the white rabbit, featuring different parts of the original movie, and trilogy overall.

If you were looking for a movie transfer of artwork - you will not be seeing the movie renditions of each character portrayed across each card. The game features hand-drawn illustrations encouraging a different experience when facing the choice of a blue or red pill. Players will still see familiar characters such as Neo, Trinity and Morpheus, and not the Keanu counterpart!

Players will be tied to their characters, building a deck that supports the provided character's gameplay and special abilities. Cooperating against the system, with the chance to flex the perfect synergies across buying in cards perfect for each character. different in the footsteps of X-Files and Predator, the next classic movie to be translated into some legendary encounters.

There is no release date just yet, only the mere sneaky peek over at Gen Con.

What movie IP would you like to see translated over into some cooperative deck-building experiences? 

"Calling all players to wield their armless sunglasses and black leather trench coat onto the tabletop..."

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