Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc Coming To Retail This Year

March 13, 2019 by brennon

Mythic Games have announced that they are going to be bringing Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc to retail later this year in Q4.

Joan Of Arc Core Box

A new Core Set is on the way, plunging players into the battles during the Hundred Years War but also throwing in an element of the Fantastical including monstrous foes like the mighty Cockatrice.

Joan Of Arc Cockatrice

Included in the Core Set you'll find five scenarios which will have Joan Of Arc fighting at the Battle Of Patay, capturing a Cockatrice, hunting down werewolves, searching for hidden treasure and a final last stand between the French and English armies.

Joan Of Arc Joan & John Talbot

There will also be a special set of rules included for battles where two players can build high customisable battlefields and bring their armies to the tabletop time and time again.

This was an ambitious project from Mythic Games which pushed the boundaries of what a tabletop game could do, blending together mass battle rules with those for skirmish and narrative play. You can see some of our Let's Plays here...

Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc OnTableTop

Make sure to get stuck in and tell us if you'll be hoping to pick this up in the wake of the Kickstarter project which is delivering to many.

What do you think?

"Included in the Core Set you'll find five scenarios..."

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