Walkers, Sneaking Xenos & Plucky Survivors For Zombicide: Invader

March 19, 2018 by brennon

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CMON and Guillotine Games have previewed more of the different enemies, allies and more that will be popping up in your games of Zombicide: Invader when it hits April 10th. We'll start with this hulking walker, the Peacekeeper Bot.

Peacekeeper Bot - Zombicide Invader

This piece of machinery is going to be handy when it comes to taking on some of the larger foes out there in Zombicide: Invader. We saw the hulking brute that the creatures had at their disposal last week, and now we have the answer to it.

On a somewhat smaller scale, we also have the Falchion Sentry Gun here which can be operated remotely and gives you some additional firepower to pour down on the Xenos.

Falchion Sentry Gun - Zombicide Invader

One of the people most likely operating one of these might be Cole, another one of the survivors to be previewed for the game.

Plucky Survivor

Cole was a rather laid back individual before the Xenos uprising although as they've mentioned when the attacks began he was more than willing to step into the breach and help his co-workers.

Cole - Zombicide Invader

He has a bit of a Han Solo vibe going on I reckon, which is no bad thing. All I could think of though was how good he was going to be getting dropped into a game like Core Space actually!

Xenos Stalkers

We're not done with the previews as we also had this look at the Hunters, one of the stealthier aspects to the Xenos in Zombicide: Invader.

Hunters - Zombicide Invader

These creatures are faster, smarter and deadlier than their larger counterparts and avoid frontal assaults, preferring to sneak through the shadows and strike without warning. I wouldn't want to be on the end of those rending claws and slithering tendrils.

What do you think of Zombicide: Invader from these new previews?

"He has a bit of a Han Solo vibe going on I reckon, which is no bad thing..."

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