Watch The FFG Star Wars: World Championships Here

May 4, 2017 by crew

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This week sees the Fantasy Flight Games, Star Wars World Championships happening in Roseville, Minnesota featuring all of their Star Wars games currently on the competitive scene.


Live Stream

You can see a full schedule of what's happening when over the next few days below and make sure to check out the Live Stream we've hosted to catch it all here on Beasts Of War.


The Card Game

Star Wars: The Card Game (2:30pm CDT) (8:30pm BST)


Star Wars: Armada (6:30pm CDT) (0:30am BST)


Imperial Assault

Star Wars: Imperial Assault (2:00pm CDT) (8:00pm BST)


Star wars Destiny

Star Wars: Destiny (1:00pm CDT) (7:00pm BST)



Star Wars: X-Wing (1:00pm CDT) (7:00pm BST)

We hope that you'll be tuning in and learning about all the crazy tournament level plays that you can get in these games. All of them are highly tactical, especially Armada and X-Wing and it's great watching the masters at work.

Personally, I'll be watching for the Star Wars: Destiny tournament to see what kind of characters folks are using in their games.

Will you be tuning in?

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