Wyrd Get Hands-On At Origins Games Fair Next Week

September 23, 2021 by fcostin

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Now that Gen Con 2021 has passed us by, gamers worldwide have left the event with some Wyrd and wonderful goodies. And by Wyrd, I mean the glowing dragon hoard of Malifaux, The Other Side, and other Wyrd board games on pre-release at the event. 

Nightmare Box

Nightmare Box // Malifaux

Players had the first and cheeky opportunity to get their hands on a beloved stack of Malifaux goodies, including this year's Nightmare Box, the Malifaux Burns Expansion Book and the event exclusive figure Miss Hapen. But that's not all folks! Along with the abundance of incredible features for Malifaux, there were also several pre-releases for The Other Side. 

2-Player Starter Box // The Other Side

Starting off with the 2-Player Starter Set and edging into two beastly units, Samantha Thrace and Binh Nguyen. 

Did I mention that all of these models are compatible with one another’s game systems? Meaning that the Nightmare Box collected for Malifaux can be played in The Other Side. As each box contains relevant stat cards for both game systems.

Regardless that the miniatures games were a heavy focus of the event, board gamers were stunned to see the newest titles coming from the publisher. Whether it be Bayou Bash or Vagrantsong, both features certainly added a new layer for Wyrd at the event. 

Origins - Image One

Origins Game Fair Logo

Wyrd are certainly not taking time to settle down, as they are off to Ohio to attend the Origins Game Fair on the 30th of September until the 3rd to showcase some hands-on magic. 

Focussing more so on board games and RPGs, Wyrd are offering learn to plays for both Vagrantsong and Bayou Bash, along with Character Creation Sessions for Through the Breach and Quick Demos for Malifaux and The Other Side. 

There are some really incredible and interesting things happening over at Wyrd. With a crossover of two of their main game systems, exciting board games on the way, along with a bit of attention on Through the Breach, I will be following Wyrd closely to see where the future is taking us, Breachside. 

If you are a Malifaux player - are you more tempted by The Other Side given the compatibility between the two games systems?

"If you are a Malifaux player - are you more tempted by The Other Side given the compatibility between the two games systems?"

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