Guide Adorable Yaks & Build Towers Thanks To Pretzel Games!

January 27, 2022 by brennon

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Pretzel Games and Plan B Games have a fun new puzzle for you to solve in the yak-cuddling and tower building goodness of...well, Yak! This game is planned for release later this year and it looks like a lot of fun.

Yak Cover - Pretzel Games

Yak Cover // Pretzel Games

Yak is by Michael Luu and comes from the same larger team that brought us Camel Up (which is a great game!). In Yak, players will be looking to build towers that will guide the loveable animals into the mountains and keep them same from harm.

Yak Gameplay - Pretzel Games

Yak Gameplay // Pretzel Games

During a turn, players will follow the path of the Yaks around the board and use cards in their hand to Build, Restock or head to Market. The first action, Build, allows you to give food tokens to a Yak (meeting their dietary requirements!) and take stones from them. These stones are then placed into your towers (shown on each player board).

You can also Restock. This allows you to take food from the carts instead and plan ahead for future turns. This also helps to build up the selection of stones available on each Yak's cart. The third action allows you to access food from the Market at the centre of the board and then choose one of three stones to add into circulation.

Yak Player Board - Pretzel Games

Yak Player Board // Pretzel Games

Players are looking to use the stones they have acquired to build their own tower (as seen above). The first person to finish four layers ends the game and then points are scored. You can get points for having sets of colours, different patterns and even more thanks to the addition of advanced objective cards too.

There are some twists and turns to gameplay as well. Fog Stones can be drawn which turn the yaks around in the mountains and can really mess with your plans! You'll be wanting (hoping!) that the Yak with the right stones makes its way around to you in good order before the other players can work out your plans.

This seems like a really fun board game with gorgeous components! It also works for anyone aged eight and above so it could be great for families. It even comes with an adorable baby yak token for the first player. What's not to like?

Are you tempted by Yak?

"It even comes with an adorable baby yak token for the first player. What's not to like?"

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