Z-Man Drop More Details On Pandemic Legacy: Season 0

July 17, 2020 by brennon

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Z-Man Games has been talking more about what you can expect from Pandemic Legacy: Season 0. The new cinematic trailer (check it out above!) gives us a look at this Cold War spy thriller board game which uncovers the terrible background behind the pandemic which will inevitably spread across the world.

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 Cover - Z-Man Games.png

Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 // Z-Man Games

Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 brings all new ideas and mechanics to their tried and tested legacy design philosophy. For example, this time around the players won't be playing as all manner of different characters but one agent who will have a series of different aliases. Working as scientists who have been brought in by the CIA, you will have to try and root out Soviet spies and prevent a terrible biothreat from being unleashed upon the world.

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 Layout - Z-Man Games.png

Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 Set-Up // Z-Man Games

Working behind the scenes to try and stop Project MEDUSA, you will be moving from city to city to try and stop Soviet agents from taking over cities and turning them to their will. Just like in the previous Pandemic Legacy games, you will be completing objectives over a twelve-month period where success and failure will bring you closer to the truth down different paths.

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 Secret Identities - Z-Man Games.png

Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 Aliases // Z-Man Games

You will be able to take stickers from the set and design your characters to match the persona that you want to play. As well as that, you'll add skills and specializations which turn you into a vital asset for your crew of spies. This also means that you'll also take Liabilities (akin to Scars from the previous games) which can make things tougher for you.

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 Gameplay - Z-Man Games.png

Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 Gameplay // Z-Man Games

I love the theme of this game and it is nice to see them going with a different angle. They've done the proper Pandemic-style game, the Post-Apocalyptic one and now they're going back to the beginning to look at the way it all happened with a spy thriller.

You can already download the Rulebook for the game thanks to Z-Man Games and get your head around the rules before you dive in later this year.

Are you going to be snapping this up to see the finale?

"Are you going to be snapping this up to see the finale?"

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