Massive Carnevale Collection On Pre-Order From TTCombat

November 19, 2018 by brennon

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TTCombat has now released a whole range of new starter products and more for getting stuck into Carnevale. This all starts with the Two-Player Starter Set which features The Guild going up against The Rashaar.

Carnevale Two Player Starter Set - TTCombat

The Starter Set comes with a playspace for you to get started on as well as all of the big buildings that you'll want to clamber over when you're playing the game. You also get a Getting Starter Guide, a full Rulebook, Stat Cards for all of the characters and of course the miniatures.

As mentioned above there are two factions for you to get started within the set including The Guild...

Carnevale The Guild - TTCombat

...and The Rashaar who are very different indeed I think you'll agree.

Carnevale The Rashaar - TTCombat

The game has this really interesting Lovecraftian vibe to it with these strange creatures clashing with the more Historical looking factions within the world. All of the miniatures have been newly sculpted and prepared by TTCombat to bring the game world back to life in this new edition.

Additional Factions

As well as the two factions above included in the Starter Set you can also find additional warbands on their webstore. For example, you have The Doctors...

The Doctors Starter Gang - TTCombat

...and The Vatican which was one of the newer warbands within the world of Carnevale. I really like the look and style of Carnevale and it's great to see that TTCombat has got round to releasing this now for people to get stuck back into.

The Vatican Starter Gang - TTCombat

Make sure to go and check out more of the new pre-orders over on the TTCombat webstore for yourself.

Which faction will you play as?

"I really like the look and style of Carnevale..."

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