Summon Golgotha With TTCombat’s New Carnevale Priests

July 22, 2021 by brennon

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TTCombat has put together a couple of previews for those wanting to add new priests into your games of Carnevale. Both the Vatican and the Rashaar are getting some new units with the Vatican taking the lead alongside a towering monster.

Golgotha & Summoner Priest - Carnevale

Golgotha & Summoner Priest // Carnevale

Both of the units within this set are heroes with the Golgotha being the companion to the Summoner Priest. This is because the Summoner Priest comes with the ability to make the Golgotha go berserk, stomping into the madness to club your foes to death.

The miniatures for both are great and I like that we're seeing a little bit more of the twisted side to the Vatican in Carnevale. It's not all shining armour, fire and gleaming swords. I reckon the Golgotha itself would be really fun to paint.

Rashaar Priests

As well as the Priest for the Vatican, we also have two Dagonite Priests for those playing as the Rashaar.

Dagonite Priests - Carnevale

Dagonite Priests // Carnevale

Again, these are heroes that can be dropped into your gangs, offering boosts and boons to those around them. These Dagonite Priests are able to sap the life from their opponents in combat and replenish their will in order to do more feats of chaotic devastation.

I'd say these miniatures hit the nail on the head too. Plenty of detail and a sculpt that invites you to play around with different techniques.

Both of these sets are going to be available later this week so watch this space!

"I like that we're seeing a little bit more of the twisted side to the Vatican in Carnevale..."

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