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Flatout Games Announce Cascadia Expansion, Landmarks


Flatout Games has announced a new expansion for one of the hit games of the last few years, Cascadia by Randy Flynn is expanding with additional design help by Molly Johnson, Robert Melvin, Shawn Stankewich with Landmarks!

AEG & Flatout Partner Up For Construction In Point City


Bringing city-grid drafting, players will be aiming to build a city, constructing buildings by cards and racking up points or combinations.

Cascadia Reigns As 2022 Spiel Des Jahres Winner


Brining three different categories for the tabletop equivalent 'Game of the Year' Awards, each title has now been crowned.

Calico & Cascadia Designers Head To Retail With Verdant


Described as a 'puzzly-spatial' card game, 1-5 players will be hoarding their houseplants to create a happy home for both players and plants.

Spiel des Jahres 2022 Board Game Nominees Announced!


Awarding a number of finalists across three different categories, with the chance to be granted one of few prestigious board game awards.

FlatOut Announces Fit To Print – A Woodland Themed Puzzle Game


There has been a villager vandalising Mrs. Brambleberry’s carrot patch! It is up to players to report on the shenanigans occurring in the buzzing town in Fit to Print. 

Create A Zen & Cosy Home In Verdant – Kickstarter Now Live


The Puzzly spacial game, Verdant is now live on Kickstarter. And players can help control and cosy-up their living spaces with plants, and home decor to find the ideal zen-space.

Create A Paradise Of Plants In Verdant Via Kickstarter Autumn 2021


Every so often, you will see a post from me that will combine two of my hobbies - usually one obscure hobby of mine combined with board games. Whether it be the combination of painting, sewing, peering into nature - I love the breadth of board games that are released nowadays. And that designers are combining some of the coolest of hobbies, with the concepts of board gaming.  Now, confession. I am a full-time plant mom. I spend hours within my day making sure that all my herbs and plants are getting lots of sunlight and are happy, healthy and well-fed. So when I found out that Verdant by Flatout Games would be heading to Kickstarter this year, I was filled with delight. 

Craft Comfortable Quilts For Cute Kittens In Calico



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