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Anvil Get Christmas Started Early Introducing A Heavily Armed Santa


Anvil Industry is getting into the Christmas spirit early with a rather fun version of Santa Claus and his exceptionally creepy looking Elves.

Fight With Anvil’s Daughters Of The Burning Rose On Kickstarter


Anvil Industry is on Kickstarter right now with their new kits and characters for the Daughters Of The Burning Rose. This is a range of Sci-Fi female models for you to use during your tabletop battles.

Anvil’s Daughters Of The Burning Rose Get Their Leader


Anvil Industry has shown off some more of their previews for the Daughters Of The Burning Rose. This is their upcoming set of plastic soldiers to use in your Sci-Fi games, an all-female army clad in armour.

April Brings Anvil’s Daughters Of The Burning Rose To Kickstarter


April brings Anvil Industry's Daughters Of The Burning Rose to Kickstarter.

Arm Yourselves With Anvil’s Array Of Hand Guns


Anvil Industry have previewed a couple of new weapon options they will be releasing for their upcoming Private Military Contractor Range.

Anvil Industry Is Working On Equipment For Their Trench Fighters


Anvil Industry is adding some great close quarters bits to their Regiments Range, particularly for the Trench Fighters. Weapons, explosives, knives, axes...What else could you possibly need?

Head To Conversion Corner With Anvil Industry


Anvil Industry has returned to Conversion Corner to show off some more of the models that can be made using the components they offer for AFTERLIFE and more. For example here are some of their rather awesome looking Pulse Mechs posed in different ways with all manner of new accessories.

Anvil Prepare Pre-Orders For Trench Fighter Platoons


Anvil Industry are running their Regiments collection right now on the webstore where you can build all manner of soldiers with an increasing selection of components. Their newest releases include the Trench Fighters.

Unleash The Beast As Anvil’s Werewolf Leaps Forth


We saw this earlier in the week and now it has been unleashed upon the webstore from Anvil Industry. A snarling Werewolf is coming to tear into your enemies!

A Werewolf Howls For Anvil Industry’s Halloween


Anvil Industry are currently working on a special model for Halloween, a cleaver wielding werewolf straight out of nightmares.

Heavy Weapons Squads Join Anvil Industry Regiments Range


Anvil Industry has added some fantastic Heavy Weapons Squads to their customizable Regiments range. Now you can choose your options down to the details you want in your squads to make them fit into your forces.

Anvil Industry Begin Sculpting Afterlife Miniatures Again!


A new preview image on Facebook revealed that Anvil Industry is now back to working on miniatures for their Afterlife Sci-Fi range. Here we have an early look at Ellenor Renard.

Anvil Industries Has The Options Your Sniper Needs


Looking for just the right weapon for your snipers? Anvil Industry has you covered with their Regiments Sniper Rifle Sprue. Now you can tailor your unit to the specs you'd like to see.

Roman Legionaries Armour Up From Anvil Industry


Anvil Industry have previewed this neat project which was first aimed at being a private project - now however these Semi-Fantasy Roman Legionaries might find their way onto their webstore in the future.

Anvil Industry Offers Weapon Customization In Their Regiments Range


Anvil Industry has just added a great option to their new Regiments range. The Modular Weapon Accessory Pack offers gamers the ability to customize the look and feel of their minis down to the level of the type of weapon hey have.

Anvil Industry Shows Off New Regiment Models From Salute


Anvil Industry is nearly ready to launch their new Regiments range. Now you can kit-bash even more great minis for your armies with these modern bits.

Anvil Industry Shows Off More For Their New Regiments Range


If you're looking to do some kitbashing for some modern options in 28mm, Anvil Industry has you covered with their Regiments range launching this week at Salute. Now you can change up your heads, torsos and limbs with various degrees of armour and such.

Anvil Industry Launches New Regiments Range


Anvil Industry is launching a new, customizable miniature range called, Regiments at Salute next week. Regiments will feature 28mm modular, resin kits that will allow gamers the flexibility to tailor their troops to their liking.

Anvil Industry Celebrates It’s 5th Year With Special Blacksmith Model


How better to celebrate an anniversary than by making a special miniature? Anvil Industry is celebrating their 5th year of business with their special miniature, the Blacksmith. Totally customizable, this fella embodies their logo as he forges a weapon on the anvil.

Kit Bash With Bionic Legs From Anvil Industry


Anvil Industries has released a WIP picture of some out of this world, bionic legs. Gamers have been asking for this option to kit bash with, and it look like they'll soon deliver.

Anvil Industry Has Added Fantastic Sci-Fi Conversion Kits


Anvil Industry is making some of their iconic Afterlife bits available for kit bashers to customize their models. Now you can swap out 28mm heads and weapons from your favorite Power Mechs in the range.

Move Your Mechs Into The Heat Of Battle With Anvil Industry’s “Taipan” APC


Anvil Industry is hard at work on a transport vehicle for you to move your mechs! The render for the Unity Council "Taipan" APC will have a finished interior and enough space to literally move your mechs across the table.

New Afterlife Starter Sets Available For The Unity & Republic


Anvil Industry have now put together two Starter Sets for you to use in the game of AFTERLIFE. Both the Unity and the Republic have got themselves sets packed with core troops and then some more specialised soldiers for the punishing crunch...

Kira & Dakota Roll Out Into Anvil Industries’ Afterlife


Two new Dragons roll out into the world of Afterlife from Anvil Industries. Kira & Dakota look ready to take on the toughest of foes.

Fly High & Tinker With Anvil’s New Accessories


Anvil Industry have shown off that they're not giving up on their other Sci-Fi ranges just yet for AFTERLIFE. They have come up with a new set of accessories, the Mechanical Arm set and then the Exo-Lord Jetpacks for soaring through the skies...

Anvil Industry Reveals New Releases For Afterlife


Anvil Industry has created some outstanding new miniatures to be used in Sci-fi games.

Anvil Sync Up To Their AFTERLIFE Protos Drone


If you like the idea of not having to do a lot of the fighting yourself in games of AFTERLIFE by Anvil Industry then see what you make of the Protos Battle Drone which can be synced up to characters like Natalya Federici to protect her in a firefight...

Fire Support & Recon Teams Hit For Anvil’s Unity Council


Anvil Industry have shown off some new infantry units for the Unity Council in AFTERLIFE. The 'Tracer' Exo-Mech Infantry are supplied in two flavours with both a Recon and Support working in tandem in the field...

Recon The Battlefield With Anvil’s Republic Instigator Soon


If you like the idea of scouting ahead on the battlefield (quite the theme at the moment with Sci-Fi vehicles) then what do you make of the Republic Instigator Assault Reconnaissance Vehicle from Anvil Industry for Afterlife?

Crisp New Resin Minis From Anvil Industry For Afterlife


When a render translates to a tangible miniature, all is right as rain. Anvil Industry has nailed it with their latest digital renders that have yielded some fantastic, resin minis!

Sneak Through The Urban Jungle With Ace AFTERLIFE Miniatures


Grab your sniper rifle and make sure that your active camouflage is on with some rather deadly looking additions to AFTERLIFE from Anvil Industry. See what you think of Gabriela Aguilar and some familiar faces below...

Anvil Industry Fully Kit Out The CRANE Heavy Infantry For AFTERLIFE


Anvil Industry have finished up some more of the resin miniatures from AFTERLIFE with the CRANE Heavy Infantry looking very cool indeed...

Afterlife’s CRANE Infantry Gets A Reboot


Anvil Industry has offered a look at a reboot for the CRANE Infantry for Afterlife. This new version is meant to fit in more naturally with the high tech feel of the rest of the line and to make it up to backers, the unit size is being upped to 5.

Breach & Clear With Upcoming Republic Commandos For Afterlife


Breach and clear with a new team of Assault Specialists joining the cause for the Republic in AFTERLIFE by Anvil Industry.

Anvil Industry Build A Bust Of Their Pulse Mech


Anvil Industry have decided to go ahead with an experiment and has come up with a digital render of a Pulse Mech bust.

Final Sculpts For Afterlife’s Commandos & Pulse Mechs Arrive!


Power up the Pulse Mechs and send in the Commandos to start taking down your Unity Council enemies for Afterlife.

Weekender XLBS: New Warzone Imperials & Afterlife Previews


Anvil Power Up Pulse Mechs & Bring It All To Salute 2015!


Bring the Pulse Mechs to Salute and then the new Unity Council Guard will escort your commanding officers into battle!

Call In A Missile Strike With Revamped Weapon Teams From Anvil


Lock n' load some very impressive missiles with a revamped team of specialists from Anvil Industry for use in their Afterlife tabletop wargame.

Anvil Industry Sculpt Up More Special Characters For Afterlife


See how progress is being made on some awesome characters for Afterlife by Anvil Industry! That beard is amazing!

Anvil Begin Afterlife 3D Printing With Alexsander Malik!


Take a look at some awesome looking 3D printing by the folks at Anvil Industry for Afterlife: The Shards of Liberty. Not bad right?!

Big Black Friday & Christmas Deals Watch! [Updated]


This week is Black Friday and that means deals! A few companies out there have been putting together some neat deals for you as the time comes around for thinking about Christmas and getting those all important plastic presents... Updated with New Companies!

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