Anvil Industry Celebrates It’s 5th Year With Special Blacksmith Model

March 28, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

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Anvil Industry is celebrating five years of business with a special miniatures. The Blacksmith miniature, embodies their logo as he's forging a weapon on an anvil.

AI blacksmith

The V on the anvil is in honour of their 5th year. This mini is 37mm and includes...

  • Blacksmith miniature
  • Choice of two different pose-able heads - bare head or with barbaric spiky iron plate armour.
  • Choice of two different right hand melee weapons - blacksmiths hammer or flaming sword.
  • Choice of three different left hand options - knife, shield with Anvil Logo, or section of rough metal being worked into a blade.
  • 30mm base with  scenic base topper.
  • Anvil, Tongs and wooden debris.

AI blacksmith sprue

AI blacksmith sprue2AI blacksmith pose2

You can order the mini online through their store right now, or pick one up at Salute next month.

Will you be adding a blacksmith to your collection?

"The V on the anvil is in honour of their 5th year..."

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