Plan Out The Perfect Heist With Anvil Industry On Kickstarter

October 24, 2023 by brennon

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Anvil Industry are on Kickstarter right now with their campaign focused on delivering an awesome bank heist! Get your great miniatures to do some proper cops and robbers on the tabletop with their The Heist campaign.

The Heist - Anvil Industry

The Heist Kickstarter // Anvil Industry

This campaign is focused on delivering a massive pack of STL components for you to use when creating your bank robbery scenarios on the tabletop, perhaps in games like 7TV or Spectre Operations. Contained within the main pledge you'll find 120-plus digital elements which you can use to make all sorts of miniatures in different combinations.

Criminal Gang #1 - Anvil Industry

Criminal Gang // Anvil Industry

Leading the way, you have an awesome bunch of components that would be great for those looking to create the perfect Criminal Gang. You get a bunch of bitz covering bodies, legs, arms, weapons and accessories including those ace pop culture-inspired masks that wouldn't look out of place in a game like Payday.

Criminal Gang #2 - Anvil Industry

Criminal Gang // Anvil Industry

This means that you can make your more professional-styled thieves and bank robbers who are taking it darn seriously, perhaps watching proceedings from a nearby building or you can make the grunts who have been pushed right into the middle of the job and are simply muddling their way through!

In addition to the Criminals, there are a few bonus miniatures representing Civilians who have been caught up in all this. Hold up the Bank Manager, put some poor clerk in a seat, and strap him up in explosives.

Criminal Gang & Hostages - Anvil Industry

Criminal Gang & Hostages // Anvil Industry

All of this is making me feel like we really need John McClane to come in and save the hostages. Without the aid of McClane, it might help to have some law enforcement on hand to storm the bank and rescue the poor unfortunate bank staff. So, you can also get your hands on this neat SWAT Team.

SWAT Team - Anvil Industry

SWAT Team // Anvil Industry

Armed with a whole host of different weapons, these fellows are getting ready to breach and clear! I am a massive fan of shotguns so it's good to see those in abundance alongside the likes of the riot shields.

You could set up a neat scenario inside a large piece of terrain where the person playing as the police has to work out which entry points they will use. They choose secretly and the criminal player then secretly chooses where to put booby traps and the like as well.

Bank Terrain - Anvil Industry

Bank Terrain // Anvil Industry

Once the police get inside the bank, you could then set up a series of timed objectives. The main vault and the money is always going to be a prime target but you could also give extra points to the police if they are able to secure hostages before the time runs out. Equally, the criminals could also get bonus victory points depending on how much cash they are able to get out of the vault and into waiting vans before the police stop them.

Patreon Backer Bonus

If you're an Anvil Industry Patreon and you back the campaign, you can also get your hands on this extra pack with a neat robot to go alongside your SWAT Team and a drone for scouting the bank before you enter.

Patreon Bonus Pack - Anvil Industry

Patreon Bonus Pack // Anvil Industry

You could use the robot as a limited-time respawn point for the police as they push into the bank and the drone could give you a re-do when it comes to which entry point you use as you breach the bank.

Physical Bundle Option!

If you're not someone who likes 3D Printing but you want to get your hands on these miniatures, there are physical bundles that you can pick up from Anvil Industry over on their webstore for a limited time. You can scoop up pretty much what you see here without having to berate your friend to turn on their 3D Printer for you.

The Heist Bundle Physical - Anvil Industry

The Heist Bundle (Physical) // Anvil Industry

So, however, you like to get your miniatures, you have options. This also gives you a good guide as to how the miniatures might look once you've got them printed out.

As you would have guessed, the campaign also has a bevvy of Stretch Goals already unlocked for the campaign including new terrain, new accessories, weapons and other bitz to help make the bank robbery tabletop of your dreams.

All of this seems like it would make an epic event table for you to take to a convention. I could see something like this at Salute where people can dive in and play as either side using some of the rules I mentioned above.

What game would you use to play out The Heist?

"...there are physical bundles that you can pick up from Anvil Industry over on their webstore for a limited time"

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