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Bézier Games

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Avoid A Schrödinger-Style Paradox In Cat In The Box


Bezier Games will be releasing a new social deduction game to the market, as players trick their way out of paradox in Cat in the Box.

Two New Expansions Available Now For Ultimate Werewolf


Bezier Games have now released two expansions to take your roles in Ultimate Werewolf to the extreme.

Protect Your Village From Werewolves In Silver & Silver Bullet


Your village has been overrun by savage werewolves, and now it is up to you to save them in this fast-paced card game series from Bézier Games!

Spiel Des Jahres 2019 Nominees Announced


Spiel des Jahres have announced the shortlists for their 2019 awards, and there are some familiar names on the lists!

Weekender: 2018’s Best Terrain? OMG!


We're back with the first show of 2019 and it's packed to the rafters with all things awesome from the tabletop gaming world.

Card Game Cabo Gets A Makeover In New Release


Bézier Games is re-releasing the card game Cabo for 2019 with all new artwork!

Bezier Games Announce Suburbia Collector’s Edition


Suburbia is getting its own Collector's Editon with plenty of new bells and whistles attached to it (Disclaimer: no bells and whistles included in box).

Help The Mad King Build His Castles In Stonemaier’s Crossover Game


Stonemaier Games have clearly been getting into the Halloween spirit, as their mad scientists produce a new Franken-game. 

Weekender XLBS: Your Thoughts; Choosing Models For Games & A Challenge Put Forth!


We take a look at your feedback from last week and get tasked with an interesting challenge!

Bezier Games Adds A Twist To One Night With Super Villains


Bezier Games has added another version of One Night to their collection with Super Villains. It will be coming to Kickstarter on July 30th and shipping at the end of 2018.

Bezier Games Announces One Week Werewolf Kickstarter


Bezier Games has announced that they are coming to Kickstarter on May 14th with One Week Werewolf, a new addition to its Werewolf collection and the expanding library of party games.

Weekender: UK Games Expo’s Weird & Wonderful Events + Perfect Blood Red Skies Mats!


It's the Weekend!

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy Launches This Year From Bezier Games


Bezier Games are going to be bringing a new version of Ultimate Werewolf to the tabletop this year. This time it has a Legacy edge and even has Rob Daviau at the helm who was behind Seafall and of course Pandemic Legacy.

Bezier Chug Along With Rocky Mountains Expansion For Whistle Stop


Bezier Games have announced the coming of a new expansion for Whistle Stop. The Rocky Mountains Expansion brings a new area of the board to the game alongside some neat 3D elements too.

Bézier Games Announces Werewords Deluxe Party Game


Bézier Games has announced a new addition to the party game genre with Werewords Deluxe.

Bezier Games Announces One Night Ultimate Alien Coming To KS


A new One Night adventure is heading to Kickstarter soon from Bezier Games. One Night Ultimate Alien hides Aliens among the villagers and you have but one night to figure out who's who!

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