Protect Your Village From Werewolves In Silver & Silver Bullet

May 23, 2019 by cassn

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Your village has been overrun by savage werewolves, and now it is up to you to save them in this fast-paced card game series from Bézier Games!


Silver and Silver Bullet are card games based on the mechanics of another Bézier game - Cabo. In Silver, each player starts the game with five face-down cards (numbered 0-13). Everyone can choose two cards which they can see, and on their turn, each player draws from the deck. Different cards have different powers, and on their turn, a player can choose to use the power of the card they've drawn, discard the card, or swap it with a card in front of them.


When a player thinks they have the lowest score (and therefore the least werewolves in their village) they can declare themselves the winner. However, all competing players get one more move to ensure their village is doggo-free, so careful planning is needed to win!


Silver Bullet is the first expansion for Silver, and brings 14 new residents to the game, complete with new abilities which enhance the base game, including a gremlin which can be added to a competing player's village, raising their monster score significantly.


I'm loving this game, particularly the artwork - I think it would make a great party game and you don't need to be a serious gamer to enjoy it. Furthermore, multiple decks can be combined with others for even more werewolf hijinx! Silver and Silver Bullet can be pre-ordered now, and interested monster hunters can pre-order both for a discounted price ahead of their October 2019 release.

What do you think of the artwork for Silver? Tell us below!

"Werewolf hijinx!"

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