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Grizzled Veterans Of The Night’s Watch Stride Beyond The Wall


CMON continue to introduce new elements and options for A Song Of Ice & Fire, especially for The Night's Watch right now, building up the force to make it an army in its own right as well as a staunch ally. 

Support The Seven & Ready Crossbows In New CMON Previews


CMON has previewed some more additions to both The Night's Watch and Lannister forces coming to A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game soon.

New Tully Cavaliers Ride To The Stark’s Aid With CMON


Heavily armed and armoured cavalry is being gifted to the Starks as their Tully allies send in the Cavaliers

Community Spotlight: Viking Monsters, Shadowspear Heroes & Warcry Warriors


We're looking at monsters and characters from grimdark future and fantasy worlds.

Gain Popularity As A Foodies In New CMON Board Game


One of the new releases for the start of August from the team at CMON is Foodies, a game where you are looking to be the most popular gastronomic manager in the business. 

Fight To The Last In Eric Lang & CMON’s Trilogy Ending Ankh


Eric Lang has now revealed the third of his strategic trilogy which was made up of Blood Rage, Rising Sun and now Ankh.

[Updated] Gen Con 2019 Spotlight! All The Big News In One Place!


Come and catch up with all of the big news from Gen Con all in one place and let us know if we've missed anything so we can add it to the list!

CMON & CD Projekt Red Team Up For Cyberpunk 2077 Card Game


CMON and CD PROJEKT RED have joined forces to work on a new Cyberpunk 2077 card game, Afterlife: The Card Game. 

Community Spotlight: Lannisters, Swarms Of Tyranids & Frosty Buildings


Come and check out a range of new painting from our community members who consistently inspire us!

What’s Coming To GenCon?


GenCon, the USA's largest tabletop gaming convention, will be kicking off this Thursday 1st of August. Companies from all over the world will be heading over to Indianapolis and as always they are bringing their latest and greatest games with them.

Weekender: Name Our EPIC 40K Apocalypse Table!


Join us for a weekender where we're delving into the Korean War with Warlord Games and looking at the Genesys Project too!

CMON’s Heroes Of The Night’s Watch Hold Back The Darkness


CMON has shown off another set of miniatures which will be popping up for their A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

CMON And IDW Fuse To Form Dragon Ball Z Miniature Game


CMON and IDW Games have announced that they will be joining forces in order to bring the classic Toei Animation show Dragon Ball Z to the tabletop.

Become Epic Heroes With CMON’s Trudvang Legends On Kickstarter


Trudvang Legends, the board game based on the massive roleplaying game by RiotMinds, is now on Kickstarter from CMON.

Free Folk Heroes Up Next For CMON’s A Song Of Ice & Fire


As the start of August approaches CMON has announced that the next big A Song Of Ice & Fire release from them is going to be the Free Folk Heroes Set. 

CMON & Xplored Bring Teburu Digital Components To Their Games


It looks like digital integration with tabletop games is not going the way of the dodo. One of the big hitters in the market, CMON, has joined forces with Xplored in order to bring the Teburu system to the tabletop via Kickstarter.

Roll For Insight: Is The Kickstarter Dream Dead?


Kickstarter symbolises a lot of what I love and hate about the contemporary gaming industry.

Unboxing: A Song Of Ice & Fire – Savage Giants


The Dames of Games have returned once more to check out the Savage Giants for A Song of Fire & Ice from CMON.

CMON Begin Detailing The World Of Trudvang


CMON has been delving into the design and world of Trudvang ahead of the release of their board game, Trudvang: Legends.

Unboxing: A Song Of Ice & Fire – Free Folk Raiders


The Dames of Games open up the Free Folk Raiders from CMON to find out which miniature is truly based on our hobbit friend back in NI.

Hunt Beyond The Wall With CMON’s Night’s Watch Ranger Trackers


CMON is coming up with some answers to those raging Wildlings in A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

A Song Of Ice & Fire Unboxing: Builder Scorpion Crew


Our mates from the states break out the Builder Scorpion Crew for miniature game A Song of Ice & Fire from CMON.

Fight Beyond The Wall With CMON’s Followers Of Bone


CMON is adding another set of Wildlings into the mix for A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game soon.

A Song of Ice & Fire Unboxing: Crannogman Trackers


Dawn and Gianna return to Westeros to take a look at the new unit CMON have added to A Song of Ice & Fire Miniatures Game.

Community Spotlight: Space Rodents, Brutal Warbands & Spooky Sewers


Bloody warriors, space-based rodents and spooky sewers pop up in this week's Community Spotlight.

CMON Announce New A Song Of Ice & Fire Releases


CMON have announced details for their May releases for A Song of Ice & Fire, and they'll have you more pumped than Jon power-move screaming into Viserion's undead face.

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


We take a look at all of the hard work you folks have been doing as we delve into the Projects once again this week!

Weekender: New Sci-Fi Game Breachstorm & WIN New Slaanesh Goodies!


You could win yourself the brand new Slaanesh Battletome AND Keeper Of Secrets this week on the show!

CMON’s Bloodborne Board Game Takes Yharnam To Kickstarter


CMON have launched a Kickstarter for their new board game adaptation of the action-horror video game Bloodborne.

Mensa Select Board Game Winners Announced For 2019


After nearly two days of non-stop gameplay, the judges over at Mensa Mind Games have chosen five games to receive the illustrious official Mensa Select Seal.

Halt Ragnarok With CMON’s God Of War: The Card Game


CMON Games this week announced that they are going to be offering you a chance to dive into the immensely beautiful and brutal world of God Of War with a new card game adaptation. 

Unboxing: Blood Rage


Justin and Gerry unbox the end of the nine realms in Blood Rage from CMON.

Hobby Hangout LiveStream [Catch Up Now!]


Join John and Ben as they trawl through the latest in pink tank discoveries!

Community Spotlight: Rising Sun, Bellowing Minotaurs & A Bridge Too Far


Mythology mixes with Fantasy and a dash of World War II heroics this week for Community Spotlight.

More Brave Stark Heroes Soon For CMON’s A Song Of Ice & Fire


The team at CMON have shown off another set of releases for A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

Community Spotlight: Primarchs, Sherwood Saviours & Dark Age Dragyri


We're delving into the projects and the forums today to have a look at more of your amazing painting!

CMON Talk Design For Bloodborne: The Board Game


CMON Games have been talking more about the design behind Bloodborne: The Board Game.

A Song Of Ice & Fire’s Warrior’s Sons Join House Lannister


CMON are adding to the options available to House Lannister in A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. Meet the 'noble' Warrior's Sons. 

Hobby Hangout LiveStream [Catch Up Now!]


Join Lance and John this week as we trawl through your community projects to see what you've been up to this week!

Community Spotlight: Dreadnought Magnetics, Old Trolls & Magical Goatmen


Here we are, back for another week looking into the Forums and Projects to find the best of the best. There's been a lot of work going on this past week, so let's dive right in...

Bloodborne The Board Game Is Next CMON Kickstarter Project


CMON has announced that the next Kickstarter project they are going to be working on is for Bloodborne The Board Game.

CMON Bring Giants & Raiders To The Freefolk Of Westeros


CMON is expanding upon the world of A Song Of Ice & Fire: The Miniatures Game with the Freefolk Starter Set.

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