CMON Begin Previewing More For Zombicide: White Death

March 17, 2023 by brennon

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CMON are zoning in on the Kickstarter for the newest addition to their Zombicide range, White Death. With that in mind, we're getting some previews of the different characters that you get to play as in this Fantasy board game take on zombie horror.

Sarnai - Zombicide White Death

Sarnai // Zombicide: White Death

The first of the survivors making their way into the frozen environment of White Death is Sarnai. She is a sorceress of great power and has an affinity for cryomancy which seems handy when ice is involved!

The next of the characters is the grizzled-looking Dragomir who is ready to strike from afar with bow in hand.

Dragomir - Zombicide White Death

Dragomir // Zombicide: White Death

There is no equal to his when it comes to archery in Wintergrad and he is going to be perfect for taking potshots at zombies. Plenty of headshots, please!

I really like Dragomir as a character (love archers!) but there is also this fellow, Ogon is very cool and I love the idea of a big badass tiger-man diving into the action.

Ogon - Zombicide White Death

Ogon // Zombicide: White Death

This fellow has been a warrior since birth and is one of the Khanra. A wild warrior with sword and shield at the ready!

You can also call on the deadly sword skills of Yasuke!

Yasuke - Zombicide White Death

Yasuke // Zombicide: White Death

This fellow is a soldier who is allied with the Tao Of Order. The necromancers of the land have subverted the force of Chi and he is ready to bring balance to that. I like that we're getting this interesting blend of Rus aesthetics with that of the Far East. It makes for a really fun collection of characters.

Zombicide: White Death is coming to Kickstarter soon and it looks like it could be a bunch of fun.

Zombicide White Death - CMON

Zombicide: White Death // CMON

Watch out for this follow-up to the last Fantasy-based Zombicide and tell us if you're eager to see what they do! I like the creativity of the Fantasy versions of Zombicide and I think they fit my wheelhouse a lot more than the modern-day Post-Apocalyptic stuff.

What do you reckon about these previews?

"...we're getting some previews of the different characters that you get to play as in this Fantasy board game take on zombie horror"

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